“We’re going to win, and I think we’re going to win faster than people think.”

President Donald Trump, on the coronavirus situation, this week. Let’s hope and pray he’s correct.

WHILE WE’RE ALL playing this worldwide game of 52-Card Pick-Up, trying to stay healthy and wait this coronavirus thing out, here at the News Herald we’re trying to keep you up to date on the latest closures, openings (looking forward to those), and everything else as best we can, without coming across as fear-mongering.

Continue to check out our Facebook page (Kilgore News Herald) and the website (kilgorenewsherald.com). Editor Lucas Strough and myself are posting content pretty consistently. Don’t take it the wrong way – not trying to be worry-warts, just to keep you up to speed.

HERE’S A CHANGE more related to the weather than to coronavirus.

The very first Kilgore High School alumni, coaches and teachers golf tournament that had been scheduled for today at Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center is having to be postponed.

Tournament organizers say there’s just been too much wet weather to go ahead with the event today. They do plan on re-scheduling, and as soon as there’s a new date, we’ll let you know. They’re hoping for April.

The tournament is a four-man scramble with a $75 entry fee per person; that includes lunch. Proceeds will go to fund scholarships for KHS students and to the Kilgore ISD Education Foundation.


MY CHURCH, HIGHLAND PARK BAPTIST, is having to abide by the executive order issued by Governor Greg Abbott and skip a few services between now and April 3.

Pastor Blake Kimbrough, a former missionary to Zambia, wanted to go ahead with services, but in an effort to keep everyone safe, there won’t be services at HPBC this Sunday, March 22, or next, on March 29.

If you don’t have a church home, come out and hear Blake when church resumes soon. He’s a fantastic preacher, and you might even pick up a few words in Bemba.


YOU CAN SEE on our sports page today that the UIL has extended, of course, its hold on local sports.

Don’t worry: I know things will be confusing when we have all the high school sports returning to action, but I plan to do a story on each individual sport when things resume. I’ll recap what’s happening with soccer, softball, baseball, track, tennis and golf, and I did so in a mini-way today, if you’ll give it a read.



Charlotte Smith, Amy Watson, Vera Nix, David Farrar, Joe Dickerson, Jim Maxwell, Stevie Wallace, Stacey Morris, Jeremy Ferguson, Judy Morgan, Travis Crews Jr., Wendy Brock, Annece Smith, Ida Roberson, Greg Hogue, Brian Weaver, Stanley Burton, Judy Sanders, Shelly Gounah, Nikki Hamilton, Chuckie Stafford, Betty Ormes, Mumphrey McArthur, Larry Massenburge, Stacy Morris, Michael Mills

March 22

Jadean Roberts, Diane Patterson, Renee Fernandez, Mrs. J.C. Arthur, Sam Powe, Jim Hedrick, Larry Peterson, Toyon Elkedre Powe, Jenny Johns, Kelly Brightwell, Mike Bean, Bo Bolding, Elizabeth Fite, Lucenthia Farste, Kim Meadows, Julia Kenney, James Thompson, McKinnon White, Sarah Lee Barela, Kiara Roberson

March 23

Sam Sullivan, Dean Ashbury, Leslie Gough, Terry Copeland, Robert Graves, Billie Jean Bagley, Kenneth Mitchell, Byunka McCowin, Darrin Butler, Kim Russ, Brenda Collins, Danny E. Males, Curtis Denman, Meghan Connor, Todd Nault

March 24

Garrett Schleier, Katie Gandy, Anthony Taylor, Deniece Parrish, Aldonso Luis, Ron Dreadin, Lucy Ligon, Shane Gee, Dorothy Brown, David Lanicek, Christy Prentice, Camellia Prentice, Kendra Cannon, Kerry Meadows, Darrin Barton, Brian Ploughe, Andrea Fussell, Stephanie Heard


March 21

Gary and Barbara Hassell, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Thomas Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Fonzell Jackson, Maxey and Cathy Cerliano, Robbi and Joseph Heard, Kenneth and Lisa Barnett

March 22

Mr. and Mrs. Odis W. Kirk

March 23

Scott and Holly Hinton

March 24

Renee & Damon Clark



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