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Lucas Strough

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

- Robert Kennedy

Lights, camera, roll film! The East Texas Oil Musuem’s Boomtown Theater is now open for business after extensive renovations and restoration. The film Kilgoreites have come to know and love which is shown in the theater has been digitally restored so it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations for many years to come. Look in today’s edition for photos and more details about the ribbon-cutting event at the theater reopening last Saturday.

Here at KNH, we’re really enjoying our new office location. We’re within easy walking distance of some terrific local eateries and there’s nothing to soothe a newshound’s heart like a stroll through downtown Kilgore on a (surprisingly warm) winter’s day. Remember to stop by 207 N. Kilgore St. to say hello or pick up a newspaper.

Make sure to mark your calendars to fill your pantry: Helping Hands of Kilgore’s February Produce Drop is set for noon Monday, Feb. 10 at noon. Arrive a few minutes early to get a good spot in line for free, fresh fruits and veggies.

On February 4, 1918, the oil well No. 1 Chaney began producing in Breckenridge, TX. Following the oil discovery, Breckenridge’s population grew rapidly, surging from 800 to 30,000. The story was much the same a few years later here in Kilgore, when thousands of roughnecks and oilfield workers converged on our fair city to take their shot at destiny. You can learn the whole story (and more) at East Texas Oil Museum on the Kilgore College campus. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable and convenient way to get an up-close look at the Boom Years in East Texas.

“He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”

- Confucius

FACTS matter.


February 5

Chris Toler, Patsy Bradley, Todd Cooper, Etta Lois Kennedy, Justin Michell Stevens, Benjamin McKnight, Birchell Davis, Roy Matney, Charles Thomas Nix, Sr., Wanda Bittick, LaRue Wood, Mitch Autrey, Matthew Lee, Nicholas Little, Tresha Clary, Marie Farrar, Hali Ann Tackett, Makayla Perry

February 6

Doyle Laney, C.H. Welch, Jan Brannon, Jeanene Rhodes Brooks, Jeff Waits, Jessica Linson, Robert Johnson, Alicia Lee, Judy White, Steve Daniel, Sandy Howard, Molly Peyton, Amber Zoller, Virginia Wright, Jerry Martin, Joshua Conlee, Steve Herring, Terry Hedrick, Logan Ligon

February 7

Ralph (Bubba) Ward Jr., Richard Patterson, David Martin, Brewnell Price, Genera Henderson, Timothy Alan Smith, Terry Laws, Jewel Howell, E.A. Mitchell, Jimmy Percell, Linda Sweet, Robert Peterson, Ada Faye Hardin, Shamiya London, Ricky Patterson, J.T. Stout, Allen Camp, Mrs. L.R. Guess, Robert Lee Brantley, Kay Owens, David Christy, Bennie Paramore, Mary Garcia, Tristan Truitt


February 5

Robert and Gloria Jones

February 7

Bob and Rosalie Abraham


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