Mitch Lucas

Mitch Lucas

“A thief believes everybody steals.”

— E. W. Howe

I DON’T KNOW IF that’s accurate or not, but let me tell you about my Thursday.

Brought my wife home from a medical procedure in which she had to spend the night, so Thursday morning, we’re on no sleep.

I stopped very briefly at a local grocery store, was an idiot and picked up my groceries, but left my phone. Got all the way to my driveway before I noticed my mistake. I left Jenna home to go get my phone, but took hers so I could call it if I needed to, or use an app to locate it.

I get to the parking lot, app says the phone’s inside. I go inside, app says the phone is outside (those apps are good, but aren’t always exact). Store employee says they believe it was in my buggy, and she’s right, I had sat it down in the buggy.

I saw someone in the parking lot, asked another customer if they’d seen it. Nope. Looked at the app and walked in the direction of the “M” icon (“M” for Mitch, right). It led me right to a vehicle, like the dot was right on this guy’s vehicle. It was an older gentleman, with a ZZ Top-like beard. (Well, maybe not a “gentleman,” as things turned out). I saw him playing with a phone, as I walked up. I motioned for him to roll down the window. He did, partially. I didn’t blame him there. I looked pretty rough after spending the night at the hospital – you know, where you get all that good rest.

“Excuse me,” I said, with a smile. “Did you happen to find a phone?”

He dropped what was in his hand at that moment, into the floorboard, and broke eye contact with me. “Nope, sure didn’t, bud. Gotta go.”

I was savvy (or lucky) enough to keep him talking just a few seconds while I hit the “call Mitch” button on my wife’s phone. Sure enough, I could HEAR THE PHONE RINGING IN THIS GUY’S TRUCK.

He peeled off, and as he did, I looked at the app on her phone and literally watched the “M” icon driving down Highway 42.

I’ll skip other details and say even with the police’s help, couldn’t locate the guy, although we did use the app to track him. I don’t know what happened after I filed the police report, but the phone insurance people had me a replacement device the same night.

I would still like to relieve him of his teeth. And his beard.

  

IF YOU DRIVE BY East Texas Hardware today and see a bunch of pretty girls, here’s why.

The Kilgore High School cheerleaders are having a car wash there, rain or shine, for a fundraiser, and the KHS Hi-Steppers will be there, too, selling raffle squares for chances to win an ASF 1080 Sirloin Pellet Grill. Both are worthy causes; come by chances on the grill, and get your car or truck washed.

By the way, the Hi-Steppers’ sporting clays event is Saturday, Oct. 17, at Prairie Creek Sporting Clays. That’s a big fundraiser for the Hi-Steppers and shooters (or sponsors) get breakfast, lunch and to shoot, with paid entry or some sponsorships.

E-mail me at and I’ll point you in the right direction.

  

THE FIRST MEETING of the Project Graduation for the year will be next Thursday, October 1, at 5:30 p.m., outside at the Harris Street/ Driller Park area (so y’all can social distance and all that). This is the initial meeting to get parents involved, and perhaps come up with some ideas, and to form committees.

This is very much a worthwhile thing, guys, and if you’ve been a KHS parent in the past (or currently) then you know this. Keep up with them on Facebook on the KISD Class of 2021 Parents page.


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