Mitch Lucas

Mitch Lucas

“Without passion, you don’t have energy; without energy, you have nothing. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”

— President Donald J. Trump

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TURNED 50 this week. Yeah, I said 50. That means I lived through disco, can remember “Dallas” being the number one TV show in the world, what it was like when VCRs were introduced (including the top-loaders), “Miami Vice,” what it was like to use a record player, 8-track, cassette tape, and a CD, all before iTunes and all the jazz we have now.

I had a lot of well-wishers on Facebook for my birthday, and I appreciate every single one of them. My mom called and sang “Happy Birthday,” and I think I’m being treated to a family dinner (or something I might not be supposed to know about) tonight.

I don’t really have any turning-50 stories to tell; what can I say, I worked all day. I do have this one.

A friend of mine, on his 50th birthday, walked into a gym and I guess with the idea of working out.

He said he watched a couple of guys, picking up weights, and had an observation.

“Every single one of them were hollering, ‘EEEEEHHHHHHHHH,’” my friend said. “And I thought, ‘OK, if you pick something up, and you have to holler ‘EEEEEHHHHHHHHH,’ you need to put it down.” And he said he left the gym.

Do with that information what you will.

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I’M SURE BY NOW many of you have seen the video of the guy crawling through one of the windows at our area Burger King (which, by the way, still fixes a mean Whopper). If you haven’t seen the footage, you can do so on the Kilgore Police Department’s Facebook page.

I’ve been asked to tell you guys that if you have any information regarding that individual, contact KPD Detective Stephen Goodson at (903) 218-6903, or at You can text a tip to 847411+KILGORE, and put incident number 2008-0904.

And yes, they are calling the dude the “Burger Bandit.”

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ONE ANNUAL EVENT COMING UP is pretty big, especially for those of us who like to compete.

The Kilgore High School Hi-Steppers are having their annual sporting clays tournament. It’s at Prairie Creek Sporting Clays on Saturday, Oct. 17.

The competition is for four-person teams – team registration is $400 (or it’s $100 per person). That includes not only the sporting clays competition, but also breakfast and lunch.

In addition, sponsorships are available, and some of the sponsorships also include spots for the competition.

If you need to know more, contact any Hi-Stepper, and they’ll point you in the right direction. It’s also on the HI-Steppers’ Facebook page.

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THE KILGORE COLLEGE MEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM won’t play until the spring, but they are having a fund-raiser.

The Rangers, led by coach Brian Hoberecht, are raffling an MT Ranch hunting certificate, which features a two-day hunt at MT Ranch in Henderson. The hunter fortunate enough to get this ticket will have the opportunity to harvest a mature Oryx, with minimum 36-inch or better horns. The hunt includes lodging for the hunter and a non-hunting guest.

Here’s the catch: there are only 250 tickets being sold, at $50 each. A virtual drawing will be held Oct. 30.

For more information, contact coach Hoberecht at (903) 983-8270, or Cody McCoy at (903) 681-6473, or McCoy at


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