Mitch Lucas

Mitch Lucas

“Have you fed them? We feed them. We feed them.”

— U.S. Rep. Nancy (“Let them eat cake”) Pelosi (D-Calif.), to CNN host Wolf Blitzer earlier this week, on the topic of people on the street begging for food and money.

I’m just going to leave that there.

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IF YOU REALLY want to see something cool, come out today to the downtown vintage market. It’s going on all day, so if you’re reading this on Saturday, October 17, they’re out until about 5, so they tell me.

There will be all sorts of vendors in addition to the shops that are already in place, including food, as well. It’s hosted by the Downtown Merchants Association, and we’re talking all the merchandise you would expect – nice antiques, home décor and clothing items – as well as items repurposed by those folks, hand-crafted items, the outdoor vendors and more.

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ONE DEAL TO AVOID is the one talked about on the Kilgore Police Department’s Facebook page this week about a new scam that’s apparently claiming the money of some people.

“Scam alert,” the post reads. “We’ve been alerted to a new e-mail scam in which you receive an e-mail stating that you’ve been detected with a speed infringement.” Claims you’ve been caught by a speed camera in Kilgore and you owe $876.35. They want you to click on a link. Never click on a link you can’t trust. This most likely allows them into your computer where they have access to your data.

“We don’t know how the scam works completely, since we won’t click that link, but Texas doesn’t have speed cameras. Just delete and have a great day.”

Great advice.

By the way, KPD is fantastic at updating their Facebook page, so if you’re a Facebook-er, there’s some handy information.

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HEARING THAT the Schlotzsky’s in Kilgore has re-opened its dining area this week, if you’ve been missing eating inside. It’s located at 1211 North Kilgore Street.

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I WASN’T ABLE TO GET to their grand opening on Friday, because of this thing called “Kilgore football,” but we’d like to congratulate Memi D’s for opening a second location in Liberty City.

The coffee shop – also with great food – has been open in Kilgore for quite a while in front of Walmart, near Shoe Dept., and now folks in Liberty City can get there’s without having to come all the way over. The new location is at 6187 Old Highway 135 North.

  

AS WE’VE REMINDED you in recent weeks, the Kilgore Boys Baseball Association is holding its annual meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 6:30 p.m. at the board room, at the site of the old fields on Harris Street.

  

THE KILGORE CHURCH WOMEN are happy to announce that they will be having a meeting this month on Friday, Oct. 23, 11:30 a.m. at First Baptist Church-Kilgore.

The club offered a special thank you to Gladys Crouch for securing this space.

It will be a sack lunch event, and attendees will need to bring their own lunch and beverage. Masks also will be needed, at appropriate times.

“We are going to practice safe distancing and hope to have about 3 at each table,” said Judy Hammond.

The speaker will be Mitzi Hartfiel.


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