Mitch Lucas

Mitch Lucas

“There are two times of the year for me: football season, and waiting for football season.”

— Singer Darius Rucker

He’s on the money on that.

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CONGRATULATIONS TO Johna Tritt of Kilgore ISD for winning the Region 7 Secondary Teacher of the Year award. Great to have that kind of teaching here in Kilgore, and I’m not just talking about Mrs. Tritt.

Also, by the way: we’ve done more get-ready-for-school stories this year than I can ever remember. There’s another on page one today. I saw someone complaining on social media that they didn’t know when school started (it’s August 19, by the way). They couldn’t find it on the KISD website, they said. Well, I found it right away, but if you need to know something, check here in this story – Lucas Strough has you covered pretty well.

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YOU’LL PROBABLY notice the old sports section is looking awful skimpy these days.

But there’s only so much we can say until football, volleyball, team tennis, and cross country really get started.

Right now, everybody’s in the practice stages. I will tell you that Kilgore is hosting a multi-team preseason scrimmage tomorrow here at the Kilgore High School gymnasium, but it’s not really open to the public. Volleyball and football have both been practicing – they started last Monday, officially, and Kilgore football’s first day in pads was Friday.

But I don’t want to steal my own thunder by giving too much away before our annual football preview, which hits the stands Aug. 27, right before the first real game.

So hang in there. You can read a local sports story today: Steve Torrence, the NHRA Top Fuel two-time defending champ, is holding off his main rival again this weekend: his dad, Billy. It’s on page 6, if you’re reading the print edition; online – well, just go to sports and click it.

Football’s only preseason scrimmage this year is Thursday night, Aug. 20, here at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium against Kaufman. The Bulldogs officially open the season Friday, Aug. 28, here against Carthage.

For the football schedule and all the fall sports schedules, including volleyball, check out the school’s website,, and then go to the Kilgore High School campus and select athletics.

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A SHAMELESS PLUG: If you’re a teenager looking to get plugged in to a church youth group, we have plenty of room for you at Highland Park Baptist Church. We’re down Highway 259, at 2424 S. Henderson Boulevard, on the left after you pass Johnny’s Ozark Fried Chicken.

Youth is Sunday at 5 p.m. and Wednesday nights at 6:30. We also have a college class that meets at those times, and of course, regular church – 9:45 a.m. Sunday school, 10:50 morning worship, and 6 p.m. evening worship, with a 6:30 Sunday night service.

They are asking that you guys wear masks to the worship services, but that’s the way of life these days, I suppose. You’ll love our pastor. His name is Blake Kimbrough. He spent 12 years in Zambia, as a missionary. He is one cool dude. And he preaches The Word.

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HERE’S ANOTHER SHAMELESS plug: if you’ve ever wondered how that Coca-Cola mural/ sign ended up downtown, or had your photo made in front of it (which is pretty much everybody who ever has lived in Kilgore), you’ll want to pick up an ETC. Magazine when it hits the streets on Aug. 22. It’s our cover story.

We’ve also got a couple of stories on new businesses in Kilgore, which you’ll see more of in coming months.


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