Lucas Strough Mug

Lucas Strough

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.”

- Albert Camus

THERE HAVE BEEN plenty of chances to be better here in Kilgore lately. We saw our community come together for “Unity in the Community”, saw the KHS class of 2020 celebrate their graduation and we’re hoping to soon see some fireworks pop over the city skyline, even if we have to watch from inside our vehicles. (Honestly, the A/C would be nice.)

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! All the good people of Kilgore who missed out on Avalon Faire this year can find merriment and more at Avalon Faire’s Faire Friday.

This Friday at the fairgrounds, from 6 p.m. to midnight, come hear music from Blind Uncle Keith and the Kim Donnette band, and enjoy food and refreshments. Social distancing is encouraged and hand sanitizer will be available. Find out more at

NOW THAT SCHOOL has finally let out, it’s only natural to see some folks trying to beat the heat at our city Pool and the Lazy Splash Ranch.

Temperatures have been climbing steadily higher in East Texas and the season has only just begun! Try to stay cool out there, KNH readers, and just remember you can always use your KNH paper as a makeshift cooling fan when you’re done reading it!

SAY, DID YOU hear the one about Southern parking lots? You can always tell you’re in a Texas parking lot when everyone is fighting to park in the shady spot instead of the spot closest to the entrance.

DON’T FORGET to follow our Kilgore Public Library on Facebook. They’re posting info about games, special events and activities all summer long on their page. Whether you’re a bookworm at heart or a newcomer to the library, you’ll find something fun and educational there. Check it out:

In fact, here’s something else important.

A donor whose identity is a secret wants you back in the library.

Librarian Stacey Cole says a donor has created a fund to pay overdue library fines for patrons who forgot to return – or who have lost – a library book.

We “have a limited amount of funds available to forgive patron library fines and/or fees of more than $5. These funds were made possible by an anonymous donor,” Cole says. The funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis until the money runs out.

The fine forgiveness program even includes lost books. To take advantage of these funds, “we do need patrons to come inside and fill out of a form.” In the case of lost items, the library will remove the book/materials from its list of overdue items and take it off the inventory but “this money is for any of those issues that result in fines or fees.”

“Our goal is to get patrons that have not visited our library in a long time an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get back in the library to take advantage of the many new programs and materials that we have to offer.”



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