One Kilgore family welcomed home one of its own for a very special Memorial Day, special because of what is to come in June.

Graduating soon from the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., will be Kilgoreite Noelle Garrett, daughter of Beth and Joe Garrett.

Due to the coronavirus, she is currently in Kilgore and had to finish up last week like other students by on-line. She will be returning to West Point Thursday and graduating on June 13 with President Donald Trump as the commencement speaker.

“She will be graduating with honors and we are so proud of her,” Beth Garrett said. “When she first went in, we had no idea how involved her life would become. We didn’t get to hear from her while she was in boot camp except for a two-minute call on the Fourth of July.

There was a lot of involvement to getting her accepted in the beginning, too, her mother said.

“There were applications after applications to fill out and her teachers helped; then of course she had to pass a physical,” Beth Garrett said. “She had to be nominated by (U.S. Rep.) Louie Gohmert and then sit in an interview with 10 other applicants before being chosen. It was a long process and we could not have been any prouder.”

Noelle, who was valedictorian of her class at Kilgore High School in 2016, said she will graduate with a degree in her major, Information Technology, and with a minor in Eurasian studies, and will be an officer in the Cyber Branch.

Noelle was accompanied to Kilgore by her boyfriend and classmate, Chris Forden, who will also be graduating at the same time. His branch is Aviation. He too has been working hard at completing online studies. Congratulations to both.


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