Kilgore Intermediate School students recently won a robotics design competition hosted by Region 7 Education Service Center.

According to a KISD press release, “the fourth grade Gifted and Talented students from Kilgore Intermediate School, led by LEAP Teacher Beckey McCormick, won the Design Board for the Region 7 Student Robotics Competition. These students designed a robotic mapping board about Neal Armstrong and His Amazing Adventure of Apollo 11.”

To participate in the competition, Kilgore fourth-graders hit the books and used their creativity to work on a robotic mapping board representing a variety of tasks simulating the real-world achievements of Apollo 11 astronauts.

The board includes a variety of obstacles and tasks: using robots to land in a bucket, simulating the Apollo module’s landing on the lunar surface, planting a flag on the surface of the moon and ringing a bell to simulate the astronauts’ safe splash-down return to earth.

“KIS students researched the background information of Apollo 11 and created their robotic mapping storyline board about (Armstrong’s) adventure. They applied cross-curricular knowledge and skills to help generate obstacles for this complex storyline board,” the release said.

Not only did these students win the design competition, their winning design will go on to be used by other local districts in an April robotics competition.

“Using the robotics board designed by these 4th grade Kilgore Intermediate School students, other students from school districts around Region 7 will compete on this robotic mapping board in an upcoming April 28th and 29th Robotics Competition to be held at the Region 7 Education Service Center. We are very proud of our students and their accomplishments and look forward to seeing how well they continue to do,” the release read.


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