KPD officers speak with Gregg County District Attorney and former KPD officer Tom Watson, sharing information about KPD’s drone program. KPD, along with multiple local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, conducted a major operation this week, targeting an alleged organized criminal enterprise operating in East Texas.

The Kilgore Police Department, in coordination with multiple law enforcement agencies, conducted a major operation locally this week, netting several arrests related to organized criminal activity.

KPD Asst. Chief Johnathan Gage said the early morning operation September 1 was the result of intensive planning and inter-department coordination.

“This operation is the culmination of 4 months of intensive investigation by this department, the Gregg County District Attorney’s Office, and numerous other local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies associated with the Smith County TAG Unit (Texas Anti-Gang Unit),” Gage said.

Gage said the operation, which required extensive planning and coordination between local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, targeted a criminal organization operating in the East Texas region.

“The operation took over one month to plan and organize, which resulted in the service of several search warrants and arrest warrants related to organized criminal activity. The main purpose and goal of this operation was to neutralize an active criminal enterprise operating within the East Texas area. Evidence located during this operation has initiated new investigations into other suspicious activities carried out by members of this group.”

KPD has released the names, ages and residences of suspects believed to have been involved in the organized criminal activity targeted by the operation:

 Michael Wilson, 32, of Kilgore

 Maceo Gill, 23, of Kilgore

 Kevin Tinney, II., 21, of Overton

 Joshua Townlin, 26, of Laneville

 Jeremy Townlin, 29, of Kilgore (incarcerated at the time of operation)

 Dre Dennis, 30, of Kilgore (incarcerated at the time of operation)

 Brodrick Thomas, Sr., 30, of Kilgore (incarcerated at the time of operation)

 Patrick Toliver, Jr., 29, of Longview (incarcerated at the time of operation)

 (2) still outstanding arrest warrants for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, Felony 1, associated with this operation.

A social media post from KPD made September 1 described the operation and the various agencies involved in its execution.

“Early this morning, about 50 law enforcement officers met to execute a search warrant on Stone Road. They also spread out over Gregg and northern Rusk County to make a total of 8 arrests. One criminal organization was targeted. The joint operation which has been ongoing for months was a success with the help from our fellow law enforcement partners: Gregg County DA’s Office, Texas Anti Gang Unit (TAG), Smith County Sheriff’s K9, DPS Special Response Team, Longview PD SIA, Gregg County Sheriff’s Office (CODE Unit), Rusk County SO and the DEA,” the post read.


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