UPDATED: This article was updated Thursday, Oct. 10 with information from M. Roberts Media partners.

Kilgore police are still investigating a double homicide which occurred in Kilgore Wednesday, Oct. 9, but family members of the victims have provided the names of the victims.

At approximately 7 p.m. Oct. 9, KPD uploaded a statement to social media, noting officers and detectives responded to a 3 p.m. 911 call at the Stone Creek apartment complex at 400 Pine Burr Ln. where they discovered two deceased adult females in an apartment.

Three immediate family members who were at the apartment complex Wednesday evening identified the victims as sisters Daisy Wheat, 68, and Karen Sue Wheat, about age 63, who lived in separate units at the complex.

According to the post, an adult male was arrested about two blocks away from the apartment shortly after the bodies were discovered.

The family members also identified the suspect as Karen Sue Wheat’s son, Jemaine Wheat, 33, whose address is listed in Gregg County Jail records as that of the apartment complex.

KPD expects to be at the location for hours investigating multiple apartments, which are all considered crime scenes.

The department has called in the Longview Police Department Crime Scene Unit to help process the scenes for evidence “due to the enormity of the crime scene.”

Gregg County District Attorney Tom Watson was on the scene to consult with KPD detectives.

KPD's post states the names of the deceased will not be released until a positive identification has been made but the department believes the male taken into custody is the sole suspect in the crime and that there is no threat to the community at large.

The department expects to release additional information regarding the crime tomorrow.


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