The Kilgore Police Department has welcomed its newest officer, Brandon Upshaw.

Upshaw grew up in the Chapel Hill area and played on the 2011 state championship team for Chapel Hill and later played for Tyler Junior College. Following college, he worked for the Smith County Sheriff’s Office for several years before going into the private sector, but he always had a desire to serve.

“Brandon has been in the process a while, but since he had been out of law enforcement a while, he had retake the state licensing exam, and we had to get his license reactivated,” KPD said Monday. “Following his pre-service training we will have a badge pinning ceremony for him in which his family can attend, but we had to get him ready to start tomorrow evening, so the chief swore him in this afternoon. We are excited to have Brandon join our team. Please give him a shout-out and make him feel welcome.”