A Kilgore man was arrested on suspicion of injuring a child by beating the boy with a studded belt and buckle, according to court documents.

Scott Ashley Philpott, 39, was arrested Sept. 28 in the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office lobby in connection with the incident online records show happened Sept. 1 or 2. He was released the same day on $20,000 bond.

According to court documents, a man picked up his two children for weekend visitation and noticed a “large dark bruise” on the side of a child’s right leg and extending down toward the child’s knee. The child told the man that Philpott hit him with a belt and belt buckle.

During interviews at the Martin House Children’s Advocacy Center, the child told the interviewer that Philpott “spanked him with a brown and blue belt for no reason,” according to court documents. The other child said the injured child had “gotten in trouble at school and received a spanking from Scott.”

The child said Philpott held the boy down on the bed and struck him with a “stone studded belt and a large buckle,” the document states. The boy cried, said it hurt and called for help.

Court documents show the children’s mother showed up “uninvited” at the interview. She told police that Philpott was out of town for work Sept. 1 to 6.

Witnesses, however, told detectives Philpott was in town because he posted about being at a Kilgore restaurant on Sept. 6. Police said in court documents that the Facebook posts were removed.

“(Detective) believes (the child’s mother) is lying to investigators about Scott’s work schedule in an attempt to make it appear he was away from the house when the offense occurred,” the complaint said.

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