Bond Presentation

Kilgore ISD Superintendent Andy Baker discusses proposed bond improvements and takes community members on a tour of Kilgore High School.

After receiving a successful vote on Election Day, Kilgore ISD is moving ahead with the next steps for the bond packages which will fund the construction of a new high school campus and various district improvements.

Both bond packages are aimed at much-needed district repairs and improvements. Proposition A totals $109 million for the construction of a new Kilgore High School campus and renovations at Chandler Elementary. Proposition B, totaling $4 million, is slated to fund ADA renovations at R.E. St. John Stadium.

After the bond passage, Kilgore ISD financial advisor Doug Whitt delivered a report to board members at Thursday’s meeting to set a timeline for the next steps of the process.

“Congratulations on the election,” Whitt said, after the bonds passed at over 80 percent voter approval.

“At your next board meeting in January, we’ll be asking for board action to approve the issuance of the bonds.”

The bond packages will be sold in January, and the funds provided will be used to construct a new Kilgore High School, as well as funding repairs at R.E. St. John Stadium and Chandler Elementary.

The most critical facility need identified by the facilities committee, and unanimously put at the top of the list of bond projects, is the construction of a new high school campus. The current campus was originally constructed nearly 100 years ago, in 1932, and has seen renovations and additions over the years as the district has grown and the number of students it serves has increased.

The second item on the list is the need for renovations at the Chandler Elementary campus. Built in 1960, this facility has also seen renovation projects, including a six-month road repair project completed in December 2019. However, there is still work to be done at Chandler, the district said, and the bond proposal includes funding for HVAC repairs and renovations, energy efficiency upgrades and more at the site.

The third item on the list is renovations and repairs at R.E. St. John Stadium. Built in 1938 and expanded in 1948, the facility has hosted football games, track and field events and graduation and homecoming ceremonies for generations of Kilgore students. In 1949, KISD deeded one-half interest in the stadium to Kilgore College in return for an $8,223 payment and a pledge to operate and maintain the facility jointly.

At the next KISD board meeting in January, the board will vote on the selling of the bonds. Earlier board conversations have put the construction of the new high school to be completed by 2024.

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