Kilgore ISD is celebrating a successful year of serving nutritious meals to students, staff and others.

On Monday, KISD’s Facebook page shared a post thanking its food service customers, including parents, students, visitors and staff, for their patronage, which added up to more than half a million meals and snacks being served at district campuses last school year.

The breakdown of food served by the district includes 422,575 lunch meals, 235,754 breakfast meals and 17,054 after-school snacks served in the 2018-2019 school year.

KISD Director of School Nutrition Jennie Hammerbacher said she hoped to share the information about the district’s food services program to show gratitude to the people served by the program.

“When I did that post, I was just thanking all of our customers and putting it out there,” Hammerbacher said.

Exact figures comparing the number of meals and snacks served over the past year compared to previous years haven’t yet been calculated but Hammerbacher said she’s noticed an uptick.

“As far as numbers, I’ve seen an increase at some campuses, like the high school,” she said.

The figures for 2018-2019 only include meals served during the regular school year, Hammerbacher said. They don’t include meals and snacks served during the summer months.

During the summer, KISD offers free meals to qualifying students to bridge the gap between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next.

Many KISD students qualify for free and reduced-price lunches because they may not have access to nutritious meals at home and the summer meal program helps connect them with nutrition throughout the school break.

The program, which is administered in the state by the Texas Department of Agriculture, is aimed at providing healthy food to children who rely on school meals for nutrition during the school year. It is offered in areas where 50 percent or more of local schoolchildren are eligible for free or reduced price school lunches through the National School Lunch Program.

Hammerbacher said she is currently working on menus for the upcoming school year.


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