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Kilgore ISD Assistant Superintendent Richard Nash tells board members and guests about the launch of the new “Parent University” events at the district. The informational sessions are intended to “help engage, educate, and equip parents to become leaders and advocates for their child’s learning.” The first session, “Protecting Our Kids”, is to be held Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 6 p.m. at Kilgore Middle School.

Kilgore ISD will host several “Parent University” informational and training sessions during the 2019-2020 school year to “help engage, educate, and equip parents to become leaders and advocates for their child’s learning.”

The first session will be held next month, as announced by Assistant Superintendent Richard Nash at Monday’s KISD board meeting.

“One of the main goals of this is to really build some partnerships with our parents and reach out and try to find some ways to engage them, educate them and equip them with some different things,” Nash said.

The program, which will host its first session Oct. 15 at 6 p.m. at Kilgore Middle School, will span the 2019-2020 school year with two more meetings in the spring semester.

“Our goal is to have three different trainings or sessions,” Nash said.

The topic of the first session in October will be “Protecting Our Kids.”

Items discussed will include predator awareness, the dangers of substance abuse, dangerous situations created by social media and smart phone apps, as well as information about mental health resources.

Nash said other community agencies will pitch in with the first meeting.

“We’re partnering with Kilgore Police Department, a couple of other local agencies and we’re going to work with parents over some things that are happening and some things that we can do as parents to prepare our kids, to talk to our kids and what resources are there.”

The second session, to be held in February, will address the topic “Preparing For Our Future.”

This session will give parents information about college preparedness and what they can do now to ready their kids for the future, no matter what grade level they’re in.

The third session, to be held in May, is titled “Summer – What Now?” It will provide parents with information about community events and activities to prevent what Nash called the “summer slide”, a period in which students lose some of the skills they learned the previous school year.

The October event will offer childcare for parents with students in pre-K through third grade. It will also include training for students on topics including school bus safety with the help of Kilgore Fire Department.

Nash said the district will send out flyers and make Facebook posts about the event to remind parents of the event.

While the event is being held at KMS, Nash said parents of students in any grade are welcome to attend. There is no charge to attend but parents can register by visiting Registration is open until Oct. 8.


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