Kilgore High School

Kilgore ISD earned a “superior” FIRST rating, the district said.

Kilgore ISD earned a “superior” rating from Texas Education Agency for the 2020-2021 academic year based on the district’s performance on assessments from Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas. This marks the 20th year the district earned the highest rating possible.

“I’m happy to report we ended up again with a perfect score,” district CFO Revard Pfeffer told trustees at an Aug. 30 board meeting.

“This indicator was put in by the legislature a long time ago, back in 1999, with the 76th legislature. This is the 20th year we’ve done this. It’s put into place for districts to know how well they’re doing in the business office and for looking at various key indicators to see if you’re in a realm where you should be.”

The rating is based on financial data from the 2019-2020 school year.

According to TEA, FIRST ratings ensure public schools are held accountable for the quality of their financial management practices and that they improve those practices.

The most recent assessment examined items including whether or not financial reports were submitted on time by Texas school districts, if districts are meeting the payment terms of debt agreements, if districts are making timely payments to Teachers Retirement System and the IRS, and other factors.

Since the state began assessing districts with FIRST ratings, KISD has earned top marks each year.

“In 14 of those 20 years, we’ve actually had a perfect score, and in every one of those years we’ve had the highest rating we can get,” Pfeffer said.

He added anyone interested can access the entirety of KISD’s FIRST ratings data from the district’s homepage, From the homepage, click the “About” tab and then click on “Required Postings” to see a list of public district data and a link to the district’s financial transparency website.

“It’s a team, starting with y’all as board members all the way to the administrators and all the way to the staff in my office. I give a whole lot of credit. There’s a whole lot of folks who go into making this work,” Pfeffer said.

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