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KISD trustees recently approved a motion to replace campus marquee signs at Chandler Elementary, Kilgore Intermediate School and Kilgore High School. The KHS sign, which has stood out front of the campus for many years, will find a new home in the community, if possible. “If we can use it locally in the community, I saw we re-use it,” said Superintendent Dr. Andy Baker.

Kilgore ISD will soon replace marquee signs at several district campuses.

At Monday’s meeting of the KISD Board of Trustees, board members and Superintendent Dr. Andy Baker reviewed the decision to install new signs.

Baker invited KISD Director of Technology Mark Lane to discuss the planned replacements.

“We sent out a document out to qualified vendors and asked for proposals, which came in,” Lane said.

“We had six of them express interest and came out on site and looked at everything we had. We felt like Leon’s Signs out of Tyler had our best package overall. It replaces the signs at (Kilgore Intermediate School) and Chandler Elementary with a new sign that will be basically the same footprint, the same basic structure and, at Kilgore High School, that is a major upgrade.”

The KHS marquee upgrade will involve taking down the old campus sign, which has stood at the front of the campus for years, and replacing it with a 40’ x 9’ electronic sign which can display dynamic messages, campus updates and important information for staff, faculty, students and parents.

Lane told board members he and his team had carefully worked to find a reliable, local vendor following problems with marquee installations at KIS and Chandler.

Shortly after those signs were installed, he said, the vendor who performed the installation, causing “nightmares” for Lane and district staff as they tried to continue using the marquee signs.

“Leon’s signs have been in business for many years and they will be using components that are a national brand,” he said, adding the district had gotten a proposal from an out-of-state company but opted for the Tyler operation to keep the project local.

Also, the new signs will hopefully add a measure of convenience.

According to Lane, the previously installed signs had to be updated manually by plugging in a laptop to the sign’s base. This meant Lane sometimes had to trudge through inclement weather to change the sign’s message to announce a school closure due to the weather.

With the new technology available with the newer signs, a campus principal could update the marquee’s message from home with a smart phone.

“We have electricity at all these locations,” Lane said as he told board members the sign installations should be straightforward.

Baker pointed out to trustees the KHS sign would not simply be tossed away if at all possible. The sign, which has become a familiar sight to students and families over the years, may find a new home in the community.

“If we can use it locally in the community, I saw we re-use it,” Baker said.

“I don’t want to just trash it. There might be something that can be restructured for a local business or a church in town could use it. It hasn’t been decided yet but it’s not just going to disappear. We’ll find a home for it.”



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