Indexes, dividends, bull markets and returns – these are all terms Kilgore High School students will come to know well in the coming weeks.

KHS students will be attending a Stock Market Challenge hosted by Junior Achievement of East Texas in October.

Assistant Superintendent Richard Nash announced the event, which KHS students will participate in for the first time this year, at Monday’s board meeting.

The JA website says “all the energy and excitement of the stock trading floor is simulated in this innovative, high-tech event. Teams of four compete in a race to accumulate the highest portfolio while learning the nuances of investing, trading and strategy.”

Nash played a video created by JA which showed students in action at a previous Stock Market Challenge.

The video described the event as a “real-world, immersive simulation experience.”

“Each minute that passes by represents a whole day of trading and so that way the students get to experience the same intensity as traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange,” said Chris Silberman of Junior Achievement, in the video.

The JA website lists the rules of the event:

“Each team begins the game with $1,000,000 trading dollars to invest in fictitious stocks. Once the trading begins, every 60 seconds is a new trading day in a volatile market. Teams buy and sell stocks from "traders" that instantly send trades to the system. Teams receive News Releases and Hot Stock Tips to help them evaluate stock performance. The team with the largest portfolio after 60 days of trading WINS!”

The event will be held on Oct. 24 and KHS will send 3 teams of 4 students to “battle” students from other districts.

“It’s good because it’s going to allow these students to have that experience of investment and risk management and everything that happens in the stock market. Included in that is some financial literacy training that our students and our teacher, Mrs. (Jessica) Montgomery, is going through,” Nash said.

The event will be followed by a Stock Market Challenge for adults in the evening, which will also serve as a fundraiser.

“I thought it was a great event, an exciting event that our high school is participating in,” Nash said.


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