A newly-installed crosswalk on Hwy. 259 at the Kilgore College campus is now fully operational, according to a video posted to Facebook by the college Thursday.

The crosswalk is now “ready for pedestrian use” according to the brief video.

Over recent weeks, crossing guards have manned the area, ushering students and KC staff across the busy highway using handheld signs to stop traffic.

The video urges those using the crosswalk, which includes overhead traffic lights to alert motorists to slow down, to keep an eye on traffic in order to cross safely.

“Cross with your safety in mind!” the video cautions, stating motorists will become used to the change in time.

When pedestrians are using the crosswalk, the overhead lights will activate after pedestrians push a button, warning drivers to be alert and stop for those crossing the road. The lights will flash yellow before switching to a steady yellow light and then a steady red light, informing drivers to stop.

After the light switches to red, an indicator will let pedestrians know it’s time to cross, allowing them 30 seconds to make it across the road. As the crossing period draws to a close, the overhead lights will begin to flash red.

When not in use, the lights will be deactivated and motorists can proceed as normal.

The college’s Facebook post attracted several comments as locals debated the risks of the new crosswalk light system compared to rebuilding the KC bridge.

The bridge was demolished in early May after a truck, too tall to safely pass under the bridge, slammed into the structure April 27, causing severe damage. Hwy. 259 was temporarily shut down in the area and traffic rerouted until city engineers and KC administrators determined the bridge was too badly damaged to be repaired and called for its demolition.


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