Kilgore College has reported increased enrollment numbers at the start of the fall semester.

A statement from Chris Craddock, KC’s public information officer and assistant director of marketing, said the college currently has 5,594 students registered for the Fall 2019 semester.

At this time last year, KC had 5,274 students enrolled for the fall semester. This marks an increase of 320 students, 6.1 percent more than last year.

KC was unable to point to a specific reason for the increase but President Dr. Brenda Kays issued a statement on the finding.

“We are thrilled to have an increase in enrollment over last year, but we are more excited that so many of our students are benefitting from our new eight-week class model that accelerates student success,” Kays said.

KC has introduced the eight-week class model as part of its “Focus to Finish” program, which aims to help more students earn college credits so they can cross the graduation finish line.

“Many people would like to attend college, but they are frustrated because they simply do not have time. Parents, full-time employees (and those who are both) often feel that two classes totaling six credit hours are all they can manage at one time. KC looks to get rid of this frustration by developing pathways to student success by SHORTENING most courses from 16 weeks to only EIGHT weeks,” reads a statement on the KC website.

KC has also eliminated many standalone developmental courses from their curriculum by combining them with college-level courses. This prevents students from spending entire semesters taking only courses intended to prepare them for college-level classes, saving them tuition dollars in the process. It is also intended to prevent student “burnout” by allowing KC students to take courses relevant to their major and their educational interests.

KC is collecting demographic data on students enrolled for the Fall 2019 semester but does not have such information ready for public release at this time.

Dr. Staci Martin, Vice President of Institutional Planning, said by email KC is waiting until the second 8-week semester begins in October to compile information for the entire fall semester as a whole.

The second 8-week fall term begins Oct. 21.

While KC is reporting higher enrollment numbers, it’s possible enrollment could increase even more for the entire fall term.

Craddock said enrollment is currently underway for Fall Term 2 in October.


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