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A student leaves the Randolph C. Watson Library in February at Kilgore College.

A reminder for all our local Kilgore College students who are taking on-campus summer classes, which begin this week at Kilgore and Longview KC campuses:

Face coverings are now optional across all Kilgore College locations. For those attending on-campus summer classes (beginning June 7), wearing a face covering is neither mandated nor discouraged as classes open at 100 percent capacity. Hand sanitizing stations will still be available in all buildings.

Students are strongly encouraged to wear masks when working in close proximity with others, such as in labs or group projects.

Other changes beginning include:

  • attending face-to-face classes physically.
  • reopening water fountains (per filters being replaced),
  • scheduling face-to-face meetings,
  • renting facilities to outside organizations,
  • hosting summer camps,
  • allowing more than one person at a time on elevators,
  • and adjusting to 10 minutes between classes.

“In light of the fact COVID cases are seeing a marked decrease in our area and with more people receiving the vaccinations, and in line with new guidelines from the CDC, Kilgore College has decided to make mask-wearing a matter of personal choice for the summer sessions. Both faculty and students are ready for some sense of normalcy in the classrooms,” said Dr. Mike Turpin, vice president of instruction and chief academic officer.

The college’s cabinet will continue to evaluate this situation over the summer and adjust accordingly if the number of cases resurges.

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