Kilgore City Council unanimously approved approved the purchase of additional golf carts for Meadowbrook Golf Course at a council meeting Feb. 9.

Danny Downing, Director of Parks and Facilities, told council members the additional carts were being purchased as part of a regular cycle of cart replacement.

“We maintain 15 golf carts. And with those 15 golf carts, last year we sold them outright, took the revenues, lowered our pricing and this year we can do just about the same thing. I’m taking the 15 carts and selling them, making $20,000 on them, and then we’ll take that $20,000, put it as a down payment,” Downing said.

He added the process was much the same as previous cart renewal purchases, with five extra carts added in to account for an uptick in usage at Meadowbrook Golf Course.

“The only difference is, this year, I’m getting 20 cars because our revenues and our cart usage have been up tremendously. We’re having to rent more carts from a vendor. We’re thinking we can take this rental (payment) and put it back into the facility and not have to pay an outside vendor.”

He added the purchase is a budgeted item which the city makes monthly payments on as a lease.

According to the sale document attached to the agenda packet, a 48-month conditional sale of 20 Yamaha EFI golf carts costs $36.91 per car, per month for a total payment of $738.21 per month.

“What a great thing it is to need more golf carts,” said Mayor Ronnie Spradlin.

“It really is,” agreed Downing.

“It shows our expansion. It’s a good problem to have.”

He added his department opted for Yamaha’s proposal over competitor E-Z-Go because of lower monthly and overall payments and the fact Yamaha will provide a rental fleet of 15 carts before the new fleet of 20 is delivered.

“Where we have 15 now, we’ll be moving to 20 for almost the same dollar value. We’re able to do that because of what we’re selling our current fleet for.”

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