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Dr. Staci Martin, Vice President of Institutional Planning for Kilgore College, told board trustees Monday summer courses at KC were growing thanks to expanded course offerings and marketing to students. Martin was also appointed Records Management Officer at the meeting.

Kilgore College has released a report on its summer enrollment numbers, which show an upward trend over the past three summer terms.

“We have had a two-year change in enrollment from 2017 to 2019 of 17.2 percent,” said Dr. Staci Martin, Vice President of Institutional Planning, at Monday’s board meeting.

“Obviously, that’s very good news for the college.”

Martin provided a breakdown to board trustees of how summer courses are taught and their mode of delivery.

45 percent of summer courses are taken by students at KC’s Kilgore campus on Broadway Boulevard. 20 percent are taken at KC’s Longview campus on South High Street. The remaining 35 percent of summer courses are e-learning courses taken online.

The numbers reflect an effort by the college to expand the availability of online courses.

“We do really feel like this enrollment has gone up because we’re giving our customers, who are our students, what they want. You see that chunk of that 35 percent online. Well, our online course sections actually increased what we’re offering online 56 percent in two years,” Martin said.

The college has added many new online course options, growing from 63 e-learning courses in 2017 to 98 in 2019.

“There definitely a market for those online courses. We are very much marketing and attracting a variety of students during the summer who may be primarily attending college elsewhere. By establishing that good relationship with KC and providing them with what they’re wanting during the summer, we hope that they’ll continue to come back to us for their needs in other semesters.”

Martin added the college hoped to attract some summer students to enroll in the institution’s new 8-week semesters. The new semester offerings are part of the college’s “Focus to Finish” program, an effort to increase student retention and graduation rates, which allows student to complete a full course-load in one term while only taking two classes at a time.

Martin also said Continuing Education enrollment was “robust” during the 2019 summer term. While these courses often provide students with training and experience, but not college credit, they are factored into funding calculations by the state.

Martin said the fourth quarter of the 2018-19 school year, which includes June, July and August, shows 876 students have already taken or are currently enrolled in Continuing Education classes. Their work amounts to 103,179 contact-hours, a 23 percent increase over this time last year.

At the close of Monday’s meeting, Martin was appointed Records Management Officer of KC, filling a position left by trustee Fred Gore when he took a job elsewhere.

Martin will now add records management duties to her responsibilities at the college, which includes extensive work in the institutional planning office and reports at nearly every regular board meeting.


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