Registration for 2019-2020 is currently underway at Kilgore College and the institution reports enrollment numbers on par with figures from this time last year.

“We do not have specific numbers at this time – especially since we are still in the process of accepting applications for the fall term – but enrollment is about the same as it was at this point last year,” read a statement provided by KC Assistant Director of Marketing and Public Information Officer Chris Craddock.

According to the KC Fact Book, a repository of information regarding vital statistics for the college, in the fall semester of the 2018-2019 school year, 6,316 students were enrolled.

5,391 were students pursuing college credit while 925 were Continuing Education students.

2,961 of those, 54.9 percent, were enrolled in classes part-time while 2,430, 45.1 percent, were enrolled full-time.

The statement also indicated KC is still accepting applications from students and registration is still available before classes begin later this month.

“If students are still hoping to begin classes in the first fall term, we will still work with them with the Aug. 26 start date in mind.  We also have subsequent flex-entry terms such as our second eight-week option, based upon student preparation.”

The eight-week courses are a new offering from the college, part of its recently launched “Focus to Finish” program. This program, inspired by similar models at Texas community colleges, is aimed at boosting numbers of students successfully completing courses and earning credits, certifications and transfer degrees from KC.

Rather than enrolling in courses in a typical 16-week semester, which the college states can lead to “burnout” and may be difficult to schedule for those who work full-time or have other obligations, the eight-week option creates a more flexible schedule. Students who take only two courses per eight-week semester can complete four courses in the span of a typical term, allowing them to enroll with full-time status.

The statement also recommends new students take advantage of the college’s academic advising services.

“All new students at KC are directed to see an academic advisor to ensure course-to-degree applicability. This approach to advising is more guided to support student success. Once a new student is established, we still recommend making appointments with an academic advisor so the student will remain on the chosen educational pathway.”

Additionally, the statement reported higher enrollment numbers for courses offered during summer 2019 semesters.

“KC’s summer enrollment of 1,859 credit students was a 3.4 percent increase from last summer’s enrollment.  It was the largest summer enrollment at KC since 2015.”


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