Students at Kilgore ISD schools will have some things to get used to when they return.

There is a lot of information to dole out. But first thing’s first, and that’s registration.

Kilgore schools opened registration – which all KISD students must complete every year, and this isn’t new – on Monday, and it’s available online and in person.

Campus in-person registration is from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. each day, and online registration can be completed by going to Registration must be completed, though, by July 30. School will start on Aug. 19.

It includes a residency verification, which can, as usual, be completed by providing a current gas, water or power bill, a recent Rusk or Gregg County property tax statement, or a rental or lease agreement, as well as a valid driver’s license or a photo ID. Listed below are the dates when students can pick up their schedule, ID and other items.

Here’s where that “new” thing starts.

Parents will be asked to choose at-home remote learning or on-campus learning. On-campus learning will be similar to normal school, while at-home remote learning will require that students log in to Google Classroom or Google Handouts. The students will be expected to turn in assignments through Google Classroom, and that’s how attendance will be taken.

Students wishing to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities will need to be on-campus students.

For on-campus students, daily attendance will be taken as always. Daily screening by parents and guardians is a requirement, as is for on-campus students to encage in daily activities and assignments. As usual, transportation/ busing will be available to on-campus students.

At-home remote students will absolutely have to have a reliable device. And here’s more “new.”

When students pick up their schedule and identification, Kilgore High School students should be prepared to be issued Chromebooks, or either opt out of receiving them. They are for school use, i.e., to use in class, and to take home to help them.

At Kilgore High and Kilgore Middle School, schedule and ID pick-up, which will now include the Chromebook option, starts Aug. 7 with freshmen students. That’s from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. that day, and tours will be available for those first-year KHS students.

Sophomores will have pick-up on Aug. 10, also from 8 until 3, with juniors Aug. 11, and seniors Aug. 12.

At KMS, eighth graders can pick up their schedule, ID and Chromebooks on Aug. 12. Seventh graders can do so on Aug. 13, and sixth graders on Aug. 14, from 8 until 3:30 each day. For attendance, students will be required to log in, as mentioned.

Meet the teacher at KMS will be Monday, Aug. 17, virtually.

As discussed in Saturday’s News Herald, students, instructors and all visitors will be asked to wear a mask in common areas, and due to coronavirus concerns, this year, there will be no lunch or personal deliveries to KMS.

Also, because of additional safety procedures due to the virus, a few other safeguards will be in place.

If a KISD student is absent for a day with fever, they’re asked to stay home for 48 hours and if fever symptoms continue, they will need to see a doctor before returning for a note from that doctor to continue on-campus learning. Parents must notify the school if there is a positive COVID-19 test, or flu test.

For an absence without fever, as always, the student should bring a note from a parent.

Students absent three or more days must visit a doctor and have an excuse to return to school.

For the youngest KISD students, there will be a change in school times. Students at Kilgore Primary School, Chandler Elementary and Kilgore Intermediate School will begin school at 7:45 a.m. and be released at 3:15 each day. KMS and KHS students enrolled in on-campus learning will be in school from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. each day.

To read more about Kilgore’s back-to-school plan in entirety, or anything about Kilgore ISD schools, go to and click on Back-To-School 20-21, or go to that main website and visit any of the campus websites.


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