Gregg County Sheriff's Office

Gregg County Sheriff's Office vehicles on scene of an incident in April 2021. 

Gregg County officials are warning residents of a scam in which a caller says he is with the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office on Friday morning said in a post on its Facebook page that in the scam, someone claims to be calling from the office or to be Chief Deputy Craig Harrington.

Harrington said the person calling will say the resident has unpaid warrants or failed to appear for jury duty and needs to pay.

“We’ve gotten that one a lot,” he said.

“The sheriff’s office would never solicit anybody to pay their fines directly to us,” Harrington said.

In the calls, a person leaves a phone number with a voicemail message that claims to be the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office.

“Please contact the Sheriff’s Office if you would like to verify the legitimacy of a call from the Sheriff’s Office,” the office said in the statement.

The non-emergency office for the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office is (903) 236-8400.

Harrington said this type of scam “happens once every few months.”

In July, Longview police warned residents about someone impersonating an officer in a similar scam.

Police said a man was calling residents saying he is a Longview officer and telling them they have an outstanding warrant. The man will say the resident needs to meet him at a location to give him money for the warrant.

“Longview Police Officers will NOT call members of the public directly and ask for payment for outstanding warrant over the phone,” police said at the time. “If you receive such a phone call, do not provide any of your financial information over the phone. This is a scam.”

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