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"Cruise for Success", a new KC program, will let one hard-working student drive after their dreams in style with a new car in the spring semester. Students earn entries in the contest raffle by passing classes, attending campus events, participating in student clubs and other activities. The car will be raffled off in April 2020 but students can win monthly cash prizes until then. 

Some folks in Kilgore are still wondering just what Kilgore College is up to by announcing they’ll be giving away a brand-new car to a student in 2020.

It’s true – a new KC program will let one hard-working student drive after their dreams in style with a new car in the spring semester.

At the start of the Fall 2019 semester, in August, KC launched the “Cruise for Success” program. The program allows students to earn points for completing academic milestones and other tasks – all in the hopes of winning a brand-new Chevrolet Cruze in April 2020.

The program was first announced back in April, around the time KC announced its new “Focus to Finish” program – a revamped semester schedule that divides a standard 16-week semester into two 8-week terms. This allows students with other commitments, such as jobs and families, to enroll as full-time students while only taking two courses at a time.

The new programs are part of KC’s overall plan of increasing student retention, course completion rates and preventing student “burnout”, which can occur when students are bogged down with excessive coursework, life commitments and a lack of incentives.

“The Cruise for Success incentive program is KC’s way of encouraging student success by giving students an opportunity to win prizes as a reward for doing things proven to increase overall success in college,” read a statement on the KC website.

The grand prize for the program is a brand new Chevrolet Cruze courtesy of Patterson Chevrolet Kilgore inclusive of all taxes, registration, and fees, according to the KC website. (However, the recipient will be responsible for all income taxes associated with the prize.)

Monthly prizes will range from $50 to $250. Finalist prizes will range from $500 to $1,000.

Back in April, National Hot Rod Association driver and Kilgore native Steve Torrence visited KC to help launch the program.

“We couldn’t think of anyone better than Steve Torrence to help us kick this event off,” said Dr. Brenda Kays, KC President, at the time. “Steve is the perfect example of someone who has worked diligently, attained an education, persevered and has succeeded at the highest level in his chosen career field.  He is a true role model for our students as they persevere and achieve success with their educational and career goals.”

Students enrolled in at least six credit-hours at KC are automatically entered into the program. To remain eligible, students must be in good academic standing and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Each point a student earns counts as one entry into the “Cruise for Success” drawing pool. Student can earn an unlimited amount of points during the school year.

Students earn points by taking classes, achieving goals and engaging with KC.

For example, a student can earn 1 point for each semester credit hour in which they enroll per semester.

They can earn 3 points for successfully completing a class with a grade of A, B or C.

They can also accrue points for using student tutoring services at The Zone tutoring lab, attending cultural event or student activities, having a job on campus or being involved in an active student organization.


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