An accelerant was used to fuel a fire at Hwy. 31 Tire June 7, and Kilgore Fire Marshal Brandon Bigos is asking for the public’s help as he seeks “multiple suspects” in an ongoing arson investigation.

Bigos puts the beginning of the fire at about 4:45 a.m. that Friday morning.

“The fire started on the outside of the building,” he noted. Firefighters were soon alerted and responded quickly, arriving within approximately five minutes of the beginning of the blaze. “They did a really good job. They knocked it down within five to 10 minutes of arriving on scene.”

With evidence of an accelerant on a fire that began outside an otherwise unoccupied business early in the morning, Bigos is looking for those responsible.

“I am looking for multiple suspects,” he confirmed. Hopefully, Bigos added, there was someone traveling that stretch of road about that time June 7 who may have seen a suspicious vehicle at the business. “Anybody that has any information in regards to the arson fire can contact either Gregg County Crimestoppers or they can contact the Kilgore Fire Marshal’s office at 903-988-4114.”

In a separate case, another recent fire is getting extra scrutiny. In that incident, a mobile home on Bates Street burned early on March 29.

“It is suspicious,” Bigos said, sparking about 5 a.m. that Wednesday morning. “Nobody was home at the time of the fire.

No nearby structures were damaged, but as for the manufactured home, “It’s a total loss.”

Submit tips to Bigos at 903-988-4114 or by calling Kilgore City Hall at 903-984-5081.


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