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Filing opened this week in a number of local elections, giving Kilgoreites and other East Texans a chance to seek positions city and school boards.

Candidates who wish to throw their hats in the ring for the May 1 elections can begin the process by filling out and turning in an application to the city or school board under which they will be campaigning to serve with.

The last day to file to run for one of the following city or school boards is Feb. 12.

The Kilgore City Council will have two positions up for election during this cycle. The two positions are Mayor, currently held by incumbent Ronnie Spradlin, and Council Member Place 2, currently occupied by incumbent and Mayor Pro Tem Harvey McClendon.

In the most recent council election, Missy Merritt won the votes to replace retiring council member Mike Sechrist and incumbent Victor Boyd won re-election.

Those wishing to file for the city elections can contact City Clerk Rachel Rowe at (903) 988-4127 or by email at rachel.rowe@cityofkilgore.com. Application forms may also be mailed to Rowe at City Hall.

According to Kilgore City Charter, Article II, Section 2, “The Mayor and each of the four Council Members shall be a citizen of the U.S. and a qualified voter of the City of Kilgore, Texas; shall have resided for at least 12 months next preceding the election within the corporate limits of the city or for 12 months within territory which has been annexed by the city; shall be at least 21 years of age; shall be qualified voter of Kilgore, Texas; shall make payment of a filing fee of $100 or submittal of a petition for candidacy in lieu of a filing fee and said petition must be signed by not less than 25 qualified voters of the territory from which the office is elected in the most recent mayoral general election.”

Kilgore ISD school also has two positions on the ballot for the May election. They are Council Member Place 3, currently held by Alan Clark, and Council Member Place 4, currently held by Reggie Henson.

For an application to run in these school board races, contact Shelley Turner at sturner@kisd.org or call (903) 988-3900. Those interested can learn more by visiting www.KISD.org and clicking on the “Board” tab.

Eligibility requirements for KISD board members are found in Candidate Eligibility for Public Office (Texas Education Code 141.001), and are as follows:

A board member must be a U.S. citizen of 18 years of age or older, have no final judgment indicating they are totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote, have no final felony conviction unless pardoned or released from resulting disabilities. They must also have committed no offense under Ed. 11.066 Section 43.02 and they must have resided continuously in the state for 12 months, resided continuously in the territory for 6 months and be a registered voter of the territory.

Kilgore College has three seats up for election on their Board of Trustees:

  • Voting Unit No. 1, Place 1, South Zone, currently held by Kelvin Darden
  • Voting Unit No. 2, Place 2, North Zone, currently held by Jon Rowe
  • Voting Unit No. 3, Place 3, Central Zone, currently held by Josh Edmonson

Eligibility requirements state candidates “each member of the board shall be a resident, qualified voter of the district and shall take the proper oath of office before taking up the duties thereof.”

Sabine ISD, the City of Overton and Overton ISD hold their elections in November. The first day to file for a place on the November ballot in any of those elections will be July 17.

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