If the water from your tap has a tinge of color this summer, there’s no need to worry.

Slight orange or reddish discoloration of water from the Kilgore public water supply is a normal, harmless result of increased water demand during the hottest months of the year, according to Director of Public Works Clay Evers.

“It happens in the city of Kilgore every year,” Evers said Monday.

Evers cited several reasons for the water discoloration.

“Increased (water) demand increases the amounts of water flowing through pipes in the summer months. That tends to dislodge the normal protective buildup in our iron pipes. The orange and red color is from naturally occurring iron in our water or naturally occurring iron building up on our 50-plus-year-old iron pipes.”

The water discoloration may be unsightly but poses no health risk, according to Evers.

“It’s aesthetics,” he said.

“Our water meets all federal and state safety guidelines. It’s an aesthetic issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with East Texas old iron pipes. The level of iron in our water is well below the maximum allowable contaminant level.”

Evers offered some tips for residents concerned about water discoloration.

“We do recommend that folks, if they are experiencing that, to run their faucets a bit longer during the day to flush it out. We offer, free of charge, a product that will help with discoloration of laundry. People can always use the MyKilgore app to report what we call water quality issues and we’ll try to flush the lines in and around the area.”

The free MyKilgore smart phone app is available on the Apple and Google Play app stores. Evers said the app is the preferred way for Kilgoreites to report water issues but residents can also call City Hall to report these issues.

However, Evers advised, in some cases, flushing the lines in a particular area may make the water discoloration temporarily more prominent.

The discoloration is a normal result of the use of Kilgore’s water pipe system, more noticeable in the summer when water usage is at its peak and ebbing throughout the year as water usage drops off.

“This comes and goes. It all has to do with water demand in the system and how water moves throughout our distribution system.”

Evers said Kilgore’s water pipes have an interior protective coating and the public works department adds chemicals to the water supply to keep the coating in place. However, if water scours the inside of the pipes, some particles from the pipe can be dislodged and discolor the water coming from faucets and taps.

Evers said the discoloration does not degrade the quality of the water itself, which he describes as excellent for the area.

“90 percent of the time our water is crystal clear and the best water in East Texas.”

To download the free MyKilgore app for reporting water issues, search for “Kilgore” in the Google Play or Apple app store online. Alternatively, visit www.CityOfKilgore.com, mouse over the “About” tab and then click on “Report A Problem” from the drop-down menu.

To report a water issue by phone, call City Hall at 903-984-5081.


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