A little serendipity goes a long way: as staffers at J. de Graffenried Dentistry were pondering who could benefit from this year’s free dental care outreach, an opportunity was handed to them.

Veterans and first responders were treated in past complimentary dentistry events, and this year the office is donating services to clients of Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries.

“They happened to call us about the time we were planning, and it was a great fit,” said Dr. Joey de Graffenried. “We had purposed to do a day of free dentistry, to give to some segment of the community about once a year. God has blessed us well. Our patients are so generous so much of the time, and we wanted to give back to the community.

“This was an easy place for us to give, not expecting anything back.”

The event provides another opportunity as well: with the free dentistry day set for Aug. 14, the de Graffenried operation is inviting others to drop-off donations of water bottles, school supplies and canned goods at 238 Lawrence St. for the men, women and children of Hiway 80.

“We asked, is there anything else you need? One of the goals of our office is not only to be generous but to encourage generosity. We just decided to let our patients and the rest of the community join in with us,” the dentist said, and they’ve responded: “We have a mountain of water bottles and canned goods, we have sacks and sacks of school supplies coming in.”

The ministry will drive the clients over for the mid-August event.

“Their management and their organization helping us take care of people has just been really great. They’re going to make the logistics of it wonderful,” de Graffenried said. “They’re going to come to our office so we can use the best of our facilities to give them the highest quality care.

“We just have a heart for these people, and we want to bless them.”

To learn more or make a contribution, call 903-218-4044.


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