Chandler Street Project

An aerial view shows the Chandler Street improvements project area, stretching between Woodlawn Street and Leach on Chander.

Construction will commence on the Chandler Street Improvement project this Monday, June 24, 2019. The improvements will update the heavily used Chandler St portion between Woodlawn St and Leach St with concrete pavement to create a more consistent and long-lasting travel corridor.

“Chandler Street wasn’t designed to withstand the high use of heavy traffic that it’s currently seeing. We’re working with KISD on this project to ensure it has a small impact on school and resident traffic, but it is a big job so there are going to be disturbances,” explains Josh Selleck, Kilgore City Manager.

The $1.15 million project will see Texarkana contractor J.R. Pope Company replace and relocate the utilities within the project area, reconstruct curb and gutter, and reconstruct asphalt roadway with reinforced concrete pavement that has been widened to match the northern concrete section. Widening the pavement section will also help with the high traffic use generated by the schools in the area. Extending over a quarter of a mile, the extensive improvements of the utilities and road will take time to complete. Residents should prepare for detours and lane closures on Chandler during construction.

“We will be keeping citizens up to date on the traffic plan for Chandler St, we’ll have it posted on our website, social media and we’ll have door hangers for the residents. If you are using the area, please make sure you watch for construction workers, heed all traffic signs, and bear with us as we make these improvements,” said Director of Public Works, Clay Evers.

Lane closures will be in place this Monday with Amanda Lane completely closed and Chandler St will have one lane closed, allowing traffic to only go one way from Woodlawn St down to Leach St.


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