The Kilgore Police Department and Kilgore Fire Department invite the public to learn more about their facilities at the Public Safety Open House, taking place on Thursday January 16, 2020. Starting at5:30pm in the Ronnie D. Moore Training Center, it will provide an overview of the facilities conditions assessment, the proposed public safety facility and a tour of Central Fire Station and the Kilgore Police Station.

Following a recent facilities conditions assessment by Randall Scotts Architects Inc. that analyzed the condition and life cycle status of the emergency services facilities, it was revealed that both the Police Station and all three Fire Stations failed in numerous categories. Examples of failing score categories are; ADA compliance, insufficient facilities for female

employees, fire egress, plumbing systems, security and overall wellness. Randall Scott Architects Inc. has proposed the City of Kilgore consider an all-encompassing public safety facility that can accommodate for all Police units as well as the Kilgore Fire Administration.

β€œThe Police Department has long outgrown the current station with the Evidence and Records storage units and Dispatch all in external buildings away from the station. In addition to outgrowing their facility, they are constantly battling plumbing and drainage issues, roof leaks and ADA compliance. These are all issues we need to address, whether it is a new public safety facility or its upgrades to the existing facilities,” explains Josh Selleck, City Manager.

In addition to informing the public about the current facilities condition, the Public Safety Open House will have an open forum to seek feedback from the public on the future planning for the Police and Fire Stations. The Public Safety Open House is this Thursday January 16, 2020 at 5:30pm at the Ronnie D. Moore Training Center located behind the Kilgore Police Station.


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