The Overton City Council appointed a new city councilman Tuesday to serve out the remainder of the term of a councilman who recently announced his resignation from the seat.

Christopher Hall, of Hall’s Oilfield Service in Overton, was nominated by council vote to occupy Place 2 on the council. The seat became vacant when council member and Mayor Pro Tem John Posey, first elected to council in 2005, recently resigned.

“I’m looking forward to working with the other council members,” Hall said after the vote. “I want to be a voice for the community and help in getting our community back on the right track.”

At Tuesday’s special called council meeting, Mayor C.R. Evans Jr. called for a motion to approve Posey’s resignation. Council member Place 1 Josh Hill made the motion, and it was seconded by Place 4 member Reggie Thompson. The motion passed unanimously.

Following the motion, Evans called for nominations to fill the vacancy of Council Place 2. He also explained the process for resigning from the council, as Posey has done but Council Member Place 3 Lane Schurbon, who joined the meeting by phone, had indicated an intention to resign but has not yet gone through the specific legal requirements to do so.

“First of all, in order to resign from the council, there is a specific legal way to do it and then there’s a way to do it where you just leave,” Evans said.

“First of all, a letter has to be sent, and it can be done in an email, but the signature has to be physical. Mr. Posey has done that. Mr. Schurbon has not. That’s why we’re able to have this meeting tonight. In order to have a special called meeting, you have to have four (council members present) and we have four with Mr. Schurbon here.”

Evans said he, as the mayor, could make a nomination for a new council member and then council members would have an opportunity to do so as well.

Evans nominated David Stone, the former Overton council member, to occupy Place 2. Evans said he’d spoken with Stone earlier Tuesday and he agreed to serve in the position, if appointed, until the term expires in November.

“Whoever fills this position serves only until the November election. If they decide to run again, that’s up to them. If they decide not to run, someone else can run for that position,” Evans said.

Schurbon had no nominations, Thompson and Hill nominated Chris Hall, and Council Member Place 5 Michael Paul Williams had no nominations but said he believed the nomination should go to whomever was the next-ranked candidate after the winner of last year’s council election.

“We had the election last year, and I really believe the person that came next place to the winner should go in that place. If they’re not in town, it should go to the next person after them,” Williams said.

“The council does the nominating and the council does the choosing when you replace a person on the council. That’s one of the things the voters chose us for,” Evans replied.

Evans then called for votes on the two nominees.

Hill made a motion to accept Hall to the council seat until November, and the motion was seconded by Thompson. The motion carried 4-0 in favor of Hall.

“Mr. Hall is the appointed councilman for Place 2,” Evans said, to applause from members of the audience.

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