Feb. 18: Chamber’s Morning Brew at Euphoria Botanicals, 222 E. Main St at 8 a.m.

Feb. 21-23: East Texas Coalition in Austin

Feb. 23: City Council Workshop


The Streets and Drainage and Collection and Distribution crews completed a 16-hour Work Zone Traffic Control and Qualified Flagger training, which will certify them for 3 years.

Fencing was moved to accommodate a storage building and a 10 foot wide gate was installed to allow access behind the adjacent filed at the Whataburger Sports Complex.

Four dead trees were removed on the walking trail.

Leveling of the ground is near completion on the east side of the multi-use fields.


Fire Station No. 3 on Stone Road is now opened and ready to be toured if anyone is interested.

Two police detectives recently attended new investigator training.

The Police Department posted dates for a Police Officer Selection Test to address recent vacancies in the PD Operations Unit. The test will be administered next month.

We are excited to welcome a new volunteer to the PD, Christie McDowell. She brings a host of skills and specialized experience to assist in various areas of importance within the PD. She was formerly employed by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Hunter presented the traffic contact report as requested by state law. The report was authored by Dr. Alex del Carmen’s analytical firm. The analysis provided proof the department is meeting or exceeding state regulations regarding racial profiling laws.

The PD was officially presented re-recognition status by Texas Police Chiefs Association Recognition Program Director Max Westbrook.


The requested zoning change for the property located at Brook Drive and Henderson Boulevard South was presented at the Feb. 9 City Council Meeting and has been postponed until March 9 at 5:30 p.m. to have more discussion and vote on the request.

On March 9 at 5:30 p.m. at Kilgore City Hall, there will be a joint public hearing with the Planning and Zoning Board and the Kilgore City Council to hear comments in regards to the Kilgore Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Master Plan and Thoroughfare Master Plan.

Quick Visit Urgent Care, 1016 N Kilgore St., opened Feb. 13.

Restaurant inspections are ongoing. Reminders for health permit expiration date of 3/31/2021 are being mailed out.


The Library has had so much fun seeing our little friends complete their Wizardry School challenges.

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