Chick-Fil-A (above), arguably the world's most famous chicken sandwich restaurant, has announced it will open stores in both Lindale and Jacksonville. Rumors have had the franchise opening in Kilgore, including a popular post on Facebook on Wednesday. But city and area economic development officials could not confirm this.

The rumor mill is working in overtime, including on social media, that Kilgore is getting a certain world-famous chicken restaurant.

A post on a Facebook page concerning the Kilgore community purported to have information that a Chick-Fil-A would soon be constructed in Kilgore. The News Herald has heard that rumor, as well, and asked city and economic officials about it.

The city couldn’t confirm anything prior to this week, and could not confirm anything Wednesday, and the post had apparently been removed from the Facebook page by mid-afternoon.

The franchise has made several trips in recent weeks with their trailer to First Baptist-Kilgore, selling items from a scaled-down menu. Calls have been made to corporate offices, but nothing confirmed, nor denied.

Chick Fil-A, whose main fare includes varieties of chicken sandwiches, salads, nuggets and soup, was founded by S. Truett Cathy in 1967, evolving from a family diner business to the Greenbriar area of Atlanta, Ga. Cathy passed in 2014, but not before seeing his creation establish locations across the United States, in 47 states.

The chain is known for its food, of course, for its servers telling guests, “My pleasure,” when completing an order, and for being closed on Sundays, a root of the chain’s Christian foundation.

In recent months, it was announced that both Lindale and Jacksonville will soon become new sites for the franchise. Three are located in Longview alone: one at the corner of Loop 281 and Gilmer Road, one inside Longview Mall, and one at the other end of the loop, near Fourth Street.


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