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The annual budget hurricane is blowing strong at Kilgore City Hall, and council members were doused with information during their late-July budget workshop. Considering it all, however, the community’s elected officials are looking to clear skies ahead.

Wagner Tuning was at a crossroads – with rising costs of production in California, CEO Carsten Wagner and his team had to plan for the future of their high-end auto parts operation. In the end, for the German manufacturer, there was no question. “We had to make a decision,” Wagner said, “and the decision was Kilgore."

Jerry Camp is in his final stretch as treasurer for the Gregg Home board, working with its remaining volunteers to officially close the books on the nonprofit. “When you’re a 501(c)3 and you close you have to distribute the money to other 501(c)3 charities,” he noted. “Since we sold to Arbor Grace six years ago, we had to wait so-many years to make sure people didn’t have a claim against the home itself." After waiting the requisite time, “Now we’re in the process of dispersing all the funds. Hopefully we will have it all closed out before the end of the year.”

The Sabine River Authority of Texas (SRA) was pleased to award the Liberty City Water Supply Corporation (WSC) a Community Assistance Program Grant on August 1st as part of SRA’s Fiscal Year 2019 Economic Development Initiative.

It might not be on your calendar, but Aug. 14 is Social Security Day. Since it was enacted on Aug. 14, 1935, Social Security has provided some financial support for millions of Americans during their retirement years. While Social Security benefits, by themselves, probably aren’t enough to enable you to retire comfortably, they can be a key part of your overall retirement income strategy – if you use them wisely.

Many of the documents are still fresh and crisp. Some are yellowed with age, some in tatters. Others have been laminated as a stopgap against further deterioration. Whatever their state, every one of the records stored in the Kilgore district office of the Texas Railroad Commission will be individually inspected in the coming year. About half will be set aside, ready to be scanned and uploaded to a massive public database – the history of the East Texas Oilfield digitized and open for business, free for any interested person or party.

The Perryman Group estimates the Texas oil and gas business and related industries generate nearly two million jobs around Texas when multiplier effects are considered (as described in a recent column). The energy sector includes oil and natural gas exploration and drilling, as well as the industries required to produce, transport, transform, and deliver it to markets throughout the world.

Once again, Kilgore’s sales tax check from the Texas Comptroller’s office is ‘flat’ compared to the same month in 2018 – at $826,518, it shows an increase of just less than two percent compared to last July. Notably, the figure also includes a $23,000 audit collection, money held back by the state in a previous month and added into July’s allocation. All those numbers aside, the big picture, Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck says, is that the municipality’s collections are holding steady. It’s good news.

For well over a century, the vast reserves of oil and natural gas in Texas have contributed to business activity and job creation. We recently took a close look at the overall impact of the sector on business activity across the state and found that it directly or indirectly supports about one of every six Texas jobs.