Kilgore College is giving area students a chance to experience life as a news reporter this summer.

This week, area students will get an opportunity to work on the college’s award-winning campus newspaper, “The Flare”. Students will write stories, take photos and keep their readers informed about KC’s summer activities.

“We are going to cover the camps that are going on. Football camp, Rangerette camp,” said Rachel Stallard, KC journalism instructor. Students will also report on ongoing campus projects, including the installation of a new crosswalk at Henderson Boulevard and work on the campus’ air-conditioning system.

At the end of the week, the students’ words and photos will be published in a special Flare edition.

“We will publish the same style we publish now, an 8-page tabloid to get out into the community. The tabloid has really been successful for us as the school has been going to this easier-to-read format. I’m just excited,” Stallard said.

She added some camp participants are student journalists at their high schools while others may want to learn more about journalism as a career.

“Maybe they’re just interested in learning more about their opportunities. We have speakers coming in. We have a news editor coming in from KLTV tomorrow who was a former Flare student.”

She hopes the guest speakers will show campers how they can use journalism skills to find a career in a changing media landscape.

“It’s so much more now than old-school newspapers. It’s technology-driven and these guys know that.”

Some campers have a passion for news reporting and see the camp as an opportunity to augment their developing skills.

Ashley Wilkinson, who will enter her senior year at Henderson High School in the fall, is managing editor of the HHS Hi-Life student newspaper and learned about the camp during an internship at the Henderson Daily News.

“It’s pretty interesting,” Wilkinson said of the camp’s first day.

“I want to learn things that are new because I have a lot of experience with news writing and all of that. I want to try photography and things that will really help because this is what I’m looking to go into for my career choice.”

Wilkinson has been competing in journalism events since sixth grade, has won awards at state journalism events and plans to continue her journalism at KC afer graduating HHS.

“Yes, definitely,” she said when asked if she has her eye on attending KC’s award-winning journalism program.

The Flare journalism camp runs June 10-14 and is open to students who have completed grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.


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