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The Kilgore Police Department has long recognized that clergy and their congregations are an abundant and dynamic community resource. In order to more fully engage the faith-based community in our combined Community Policing concept, a Clergy and Police Alliance (CAPA) program has been developed.

The Perryman Group estimates the Texas oil and gas business and related industries generate nearly two million jobs around Texas when multiplier effects are considered (as described in a recent column). The energy sector includes oil and natural gas exploration and drilling, as well as the industries required to produce, transport, transform, and deliver it to markets throughout the world.

Kilgore ISD school board members and administrators discussed the budget for the 2019-2020 school year at a Monday meeting, going over state law changes and the district’s financial standing.

“Most theater companies when they say they're 'rotating rep,' they do one show, they finish it, they take it off the stage, and then they load the next one in," Texas Shakespeare Festival's Meghan Potter says. "But we do, depending on where we are in the season, three different shows on the same stage every day. So, changeover is the process of taking all of the scenery off of the stage, changing colors in the lighting instruments and putting the new set on stage for the afternoon or evening performance."

Once again, Kilgore’s sales tax check from the Texas Comptroller’s office is ‘flat’ compared to the same month in 2018 – at $826,518, it shows an increase of just less than two percent compared to last July. Notably, the figure also includes a $23,000 audit collection, money held back by the state in a previous month and added into July’s allocation. All those numbers aside, the big picture, Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck says, is that the municipality’s collections are holding steady. It’s good news.

A little serendipity goes a long way: as staffers at J. de Graffenried Dentistry were pondering who could benefit from this year’s free dental care outreach, an opportunity was handed to them. Veterans and first responders were treated in past complimentary dentistry events, and this year the office is donating services to clients of Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries.

The Chinese visitors took a lot of photographs of the various rooms and equipment during the tour of Kilgore Middle School.

The water of Kilgore City Pool will glow red Thursday as “Jaws” pays a visit to the City of Kilgore. Granted, the ominous effect will be thanks to the color-adjustable LED porthole lights illuminating the local amenity for City Hall’s second, free dive-in movie at the recently-revitalized venue July 18.

Entertain, and elevate – there’s plenty of pratfalls and slapstick comedy for children to enjoy in Grace Abele’s latest venture, but the playwright and director has also layered in wit and wisdom into her latest venture for Texas Shakespeare Festival.

“The Girl Who Cried Throgmonster” debuts in one week, and Abele’s hearing the tick of the clock. Everything will come together by 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 17, but the free-admission show isn’t quite ready. Almost.

In most cases, the first person who responds to an incident is never on scene – not in person, anyway – but emergency dispatchers man the literal front lines, taking calls from people facing the worst of life, providing a calm voice in chaos and sending whatever help is needed.

For well over a century, the vast reserves of oil and natural gas in Texas have contributed to business activity and job creation. We recently took a close look at the overall impact of the sector on business activity across the state and found that it directly or indirectly supports about one of every six Texas jobs.

“Oppressive heat” will continue building across a four-state region this week, the National Weather Service warns, and a heat advisory is in effect through Wednesday evening for areas including Kilgore and Northeast Texas.

Children can satiate their thirst for knowledge of where nearly ‘no man has gone before’ with another special space event at Kilgore Public Library Wednesday morning. The interactive experience ‘To the Moon and Back’ will be a celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing’s 50th anniversary, set from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. July 10 at 301 N. Henderson Blvd. The traveling presentation is intended for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years-old.

As it stands right now, when Kilgore firefighters respond to a hazardous material spill on Interstate 20, it’s local taxpayers who foot the bill for the clean-up. The same holds true for structure fires or motor vehicle incidents just outside the city limits. It’s par for the course statewide, but costs stack up, and Kilgore City Council members are in the initial phase of a discussion to have some of those costs covered by insurance companies.

There was a crowd of superheroes dancing to the beat of their own drum in First Christian Church’s gym this week. They came to join the ‘Jesus League,’ to become super-followers of Jesus in the sixth annual Special Needs Vacation Bible School hosted by the Main Street congregation, and they found many sidekicks waiting to celebrate alongside them

Over the years, you’ll experience many personal and professional milestones. Each of these can be satisfying, but they may also bring challenges – especially financial ones. That’s why you may want to seek the guidance of a financial professional. Here are some of the key life events you may encounter, along with the help a financial advisor can provide...

If Victor Olowo wakes up tomorrow and wants to teach literature, he has that opportunity. He has that choice – as an American citizen. It’s a freedom others across the world, including in his native country of Nigeria, can’t embrace as Americans do. “The freedom to choose what one wants to do is something that’s pretty much practiced here,” he said. “It’s not easily attainable in most other places in the world.”

A young girl nearly drowned at Kilgore City Pool Thursday night, but the quick response of a teenage lifeguard and Kilgore firefighters brought the child back from the brink. Few details are available on the victim — officials say she is approximately 5 years-old and is being transported for additional care in Dallas after she was resuscitated then regained consciousness en route to a local medical facility.

Earthlings of all ages are flowing through Kilgore Public Library this week and the NASA Exhibit on loan from Johnson Space Center – with more space exploration ahead in July.

All the world’s a stage, they say, and the Longview World of Wonders children’s museum and creative center became a stage this week as Texas Shakespeare Festival actors led a “World of William” creative arts day camp for children.

During the summertime, generally, blood supplies go down, in part due to regular donors’ being away on vacation, while the need for blood generally goes up, with more people being out and about and subject to accident and injury.