Twenty-nine students graduated from Overton High School on Saturday, May 22 inside the district's gymnasium. This year's valedictorian is Hailey Ragon, and this year's salutatorian is Cris Henson.

The Class of 2021 includes Peter Brown (D), Jewely English (H), Kadin Dike (H), Dustin Griffith (D, H), Cris Henson (+, D, H), D’Artagnan Gomez (D, H), Jaxon Clark, Sarrah Garrett (H), Iris Anthony, Danielle Gurley, Kaylee Heard (D, H), Derrick Ishee, Lilllian Lee, Ryan Lee (H), Alexea Jackson, Peyton Sartors-Manos (D, H), Bradley Pierce, Hailey Ragon (+, D, H), Tucker Rogers (D), Makayla Moser (+, D, H), Larkin Murry (D), Kyiriona Roland (D, H), Christian Vinson, Aaron Warwick (D), Emma Sullivan (H), Jace Tubb, Treven Wright, Ta’Leyah Tilley and Erin Splawn (D).

Graduates listed with a + are the Top 10%. Graduates listed with an H are honor graduates. Graduates listed with a D are distinguished graduates.

This year's junior escorts were Chloe Laws, Kaley McMillian, Landon Morgan and Trayson Wright.

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