Shaniqua Davis

Shaniqua Davis

Unwanted agricultural surplus pesticides? Dispose of them properly at no cost and stay in your vehicle! An agricultural pesticide waste collection day event will be held Oct. 28 in Athens. The event will run from 8 a.m. to noon at the Henderson County Regional Fair Park, 3356 Texas 31 in Athens.

If you have unwanted, surplus agricultural pesticides, this is an opportunity to dispose of them safely and properly.

This is a drive-up service and those dropping off will remain inside their vehicles. Pesticides need to be in their original containers, even if the label is not present. Unknown pesticides will be tested onsite.

Items that will be accepted include outdated, discontinued or unwanted agricultural pesticides; insecticides; herbicides; fungicides; rodenticides; nematicides; growth regulators; empty, triple-rinsed plastic pesticide containers (55 gallon max); and empty or partial metal drums.

Unacceptable items include explosive ordinances and ammunition; petroleum-based products; paints; medical wastes; radioactive substances; household pesticides, chemicals and waste; tires; fertilizers; propane or butane cylinders; chlorinated hydrocarbons; fumigant canisters; used motor oil and other automobile fluids; auto batteries; empty totes; methyl-bromide cylinders; and dioxins.

Pesticide dealers and commercial businesses are not allowed to participate. For questions or additional information, contact the Henderson County Extension Office at (903) 675-6132, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Dallas Regional office at (214) 631-0265 or TDA Austin Headquarters at (512) 463-7622.

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Shaniqua Davis is the extension agent for agriculture and natural resources for Gregg County.


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