Civic Garden Club

Judy Hammond, Wanda Bittick, Erin Gore and Kim Gore recently attended the Civic Garden Club’s October meeting. Member Patty Sanders was the deatured speaker, presenting tips on gardening.

With a stunning backdrop of multi-colored Bougainvillea plants, member Patty Sanders presented the program for Civic Garden Club’s October meeting.

Sanders shared her passion for growing and maintaining the beautiful plants by giving tips she has learned through the years. The variety of colors are actually leaves and the actual bloom is a small white bud inside the cluster. Questions and answers followed her presentation.

Prior to the program, President Marilyn Martin opened the meeting, with Martha Clark giving the invocation.

She thanked hostesses Judy Hammond, Wanda Bittick, Erin Gore and Kim Gore for the lovely refreshments and decorations.

Baking tip of the month was given by Tracie Gaut, who told of ways of using pumpkin in cooking – not just in fall, but year around. She gave each member a cup of delicious creamy bean and turkey pumpkin chili. She shared the recipe as well.

Judy Hammond was winner of the free drawing for the tub of Halloween candy.

Awards for specimens were announced by Kim Gore as follows: Martha Clark (5) first; Patty Sanders, (5) first; and Louise Raby, (1) first.

Patty Sanders was the winner of the monthly raffle.

Attending were Wanda Bittick, Joy Borders, Martha Clark, Alma Nell Farmer, Janel Garnett, Tracie Gaut, Erin Core, Kim Gore, Judy hammond, Vicki Hodges, Pam Horton, Joy Jordan, Faye King, Marilyn Martin, Diana Ponder, Louise Raby, Patty Sanders, Rita Thompson, and guest, Joan Carpenter.


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