Kilgore cut three ribbons Saturday morning: one for the completion of the Creekside Trail, one for the Bighead Creek Mountain Bike Trail and one for the new Crescent St. Dog Park.

"It's an incredible day for the City of Kilgore. It is rare that you get to add that many attractions at one time and it's all thanks to the hard work of a whole bunch of people and the generous donations of a number of people," said City Manager Josh Selleck at the opening ceremony, held at 10 a.m. Oct. 17 in the recently completed, expanded parking lot for the Dudley Rd. entrance of Creekside Trail.

Creekside Trail opened in October 2018 and is the first phase of the Kilgore Trails System. The 2.58 miles of winding path takes walkers, runners and bikers through woods alongside Bighead Creek.

A crowd of at least 50 gathered Saturday morning, many bundled up in one of the first chilly days of fall. Several in attendance brought their furry canine friends to check out the new dog park (or Dog Bark, as it's officially known.)

Selleck thanked Kilgore Mayor Ronnie Spradlin for donating 7 acres of land to the Trails Phase I project to help complete the project.

"About 20 years ago, I would drive by that piece of land every day and think 'that's a great place for something. I don't know what.' I visited the (owner) in his office and bought the piece of land from him and didn't know what to do with it," Spradlin said, also thanking Sue Brown and the late Frank Brown for donating land to the project. The mayor's purchase would eventually be donated to the Trails project to help with the expansion and dog park, which includes the city's first-ever water bottle filler.

Spradlin and realtor Randy Renshaw cut the ribbon to open the trail and ribbons were also cut with oversized scissors to open the dog park and mountain bike trail.

Bill Woodall, city archivist and former Kilgore News Herald publisher, worked with Brookshire's to secure a donation of Double-Stuf Oreos and milk so all "Kilgoreos" (a term he coined) could celebrate the completion of a major city amenity.


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