Rev. Jonathan Latham

What is wrong with our World? Look around, and you will see suffering, tragedies, sorrow, evil and death. Why is the world such a mess? Perhaps it is because man is polluting the world, or maybe it is big government overreaching and enslaving the citizens. On the other hand, it could be uncontrolled technology, pornography, abortion, drugs or sugary drinks. Then some say it is because of hateful talk, atheism or religion.

Almost everyone agrees that the more you look at the world, the more you can see that it is sick. The late Stephen Hawking, a brilliant physicist, tried to formulate an all-encompassing theory that proposed a framework for understanding all physics. He wanted to make sense of the seeming contradictions of classical physics and quantum physics. Like Hawking, many want to understand what is causing the problems in this world. Well, look no more. One book can answer that question. It is the Bible.

The Bible tells us that in the beginning, God created a perfect home for all living things. There was free food, pure water, clean air, no taxes and only one rule. Life was “good.” As a matter of fact, everything was “good.” Best of all, there was no death.

Sadly, the only two inhabitants of this world decided that following that one law was just too much for them to bear. A wily serpent, called Satan, beguiled Eve into eating the one fruit in the Garden of Eden that was off-limits. She then encouraged her husband, Adam, to partake in this forbidden fruit. But, don’t put this blame all on Eve. Adam was the one who had been told directly by God himself not to eat that fruit.

Since Adam was the first human created, he was also the head of the world. When he violated this one covenant between God and man, the world was cursed and ultimately plunged into chaos. Man’s work would be difficult; the ground would not easily yield its harvest, and death would stalk all living things. Perhaps the most devastating result was that Satan became the Prince of this world system.

Thankfully, Jesus came as the second Adam to make things right. The Bible gives us hope for the future because Jesus will one day return and rule the world in righteousness and might. He will repair the mess that Adam and Adam’s progeny have made. Of course, one can have peace amid chaos today by merely agreeing with Jesus of one’s sin and trusting in Him as Savior. I hope you have accepted His gift of salvation.

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