Rev. Jonathan Latham

Rev. Jonathan Latham

John 19:30

Like Christmas, Easter has become a commercial enterprise featuring Easter Bunnies, chicks, colored eggs and tons of candy. Sadly, I suspect that many people know as little about Easter as they do about Christmas. Perhaps the best way to understand it is by starting with the problem of death.

All living creatures eventually die. It may be possible sometimes to prolong life, but ultimately no one on earth can prevent death. Some envision avoiding death through robotics, cryonics, nanotechnologies or even transferring one’s mind into a computer. So far, these ideas are simply pipe dreams. Everyone still dies, and that is why Easter is so important.

The Bible tells us that there was a time in the past when death did not exist. Before the fall of man, Adam and Eve had the potential to live forever in the perfect world that God had created for them. Unfortunately, not content simply to live in paradise, they wanted more. After trusting the word of a serpent, both Adam and Eve violated God’s Law by trying to become gods themselves. This violation of God’s Law is called “sin,” and sin comes with a high price. That price is death.

God cursed His creation for man’s sake. It now tended to go from a “higher” state of order to a “lower” state of order. A time limit was set on all living creatures. Death came and overshadowed life. For all lower forms of life, death would be the end of existence; but, for humans, it was a gateway to eternal sorrow and pain. The human sin debt would be eternal damnation — an impossibly high price for cursed people to pay.

Thankfully, the Lord God provided a precious gift to cover the sin debt that we are incapable of paying. That gift was His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. He alone was able to make that payment. After our Lord paid that price, He said “tetelestai,” which literally means, “The debt is paid.”

The precious, beloved and only Son of God hung on a cruel cross, died an agonizing death, and lay in a cold tomb for three days and nights. Nevertheless, He was not defeated. Our Lord stepped out of that grave and walked among men — showing that death could not hold the Savior. This event is what believers in Jesus joyously celebrate on Resurrection Day or, as the world calls it, Easter. His resurrection is proof that we, too, can defeat death if we simply trust in Him and accept His gift of life.

The question is, “have you received this payment for your sin?” The Bible says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” (Acts 16:30) In conclusion, hunting eggs may be fun, but finding Jesus is the real prize.

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