“Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.”

– William Shakespeare

ALL too soon, again we bid farewell to friends and summertime-Kilgoreos in the Texas Shakespeare Festival. They gathered here from across the country (and around the world) and now take a piece of Kilgore with them as they go – with our very best wishes and our thanks.

KILGORE Public Library saw 614 participants in its 2019 Summer Reading Program – that’s a laudable 49 percent increase from Summer 2018. Well done, and congratulations to the program’s prize winners including Alec Gonzalez, Lucy Berryman, Kellen Murphy and Duke Morrison, who all win a bicycle. Wilson Page won the telescope giveaway, Colby Rios nabbed an Amazon gift card for the teen drawing as did adult winner Amy Hurtt.

BY the numbers, the library’s summer program crowd included 146 adults who read 287 books, 422 kids who logged a total of 171,642 minutes with a book in their hands and 46 teens who together read 16,465 minutes.

GREAT stats.

TONIGHT’S new moon (the ‘dark’ portion of its cycle) is, according to the Interwebs, a Black Moon – a rare occurrence when (in this instance) it’s the second new moon in a month.

ANOTHER thing the Web taught us this week: Disney utilizes a very specific shade of paint – “Go Away Green” – to obscure elements that distract from the most magical place on earth, things like trash cans, construction fences and, we assume, any Warner Bros. shirts that sneak through the gate.

HAPPY birthday to Harry Potter and, we learned recently, many happy returns also to the author behind his international bestselling book series. J.K. Rowling decided her boy wizard protagonist could share her July 31 birthday.

LEST you forget, Kilgore Main Street’s eight-day Potter Fest kicks-off at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Texan Theater.

“The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with caution.”

– Albus Dumbledore

Facts matter.


July 31: Brian Hearn, Kevin Fleining, Mabel Bean, Jenna Edwards, Trey Rosebrock, Andy Waller, Julie Yancey, Jay McClurg, Larry Emmons, Kimberley Roberson, Jason Andrew Crutcher, Marc Sechrist, J. Kinney, Stephen Jones, Gladys Marie Hall, Chris Moorman, Elmer Daniels Cotton, Twins Doug and Dan Sheridan , Gerry Austin Sr., John D. Montana

August 1: Natasha Cline, Eloise Grafton, Christine Springer, Buddy Richter, Pat Swaim, Kelly Floyd, John Alton Walker, Mrs. J.H. Armstrong, Mary Matthews, Travis Armstrong, Jason Ware, Lonnell Pool, Jenny Tanner, Harry Rawls, Leonard Miller, Carroll Huffman, Mike Oglesby, Tim (Lee) Latham, Mrs. Talmadge Mercer, Stan Jamerson, Gloria Cubine, Shammion Nicole Young

August 2: Ann Osborne, Margueritte Hedrick, Bob Bradford, Ricky Swaim, E.A. Avant, Shawn Billings, Valerie Gale Warren, Brandon Cop, Seleste Wilprit, Jalissa Javon Hamilton, Lisa Banks, Russ Johnson, C.C. Robins, Tanya Boyd, Kirt Walker, Jamie Graces, Pearl Woods, Dany Trout, Tabitha Morrow, Mark D. Williams, June Carolyn Brown


July 31: Tom and Peggy Clegg, Mr. And Mrs. Willie L. Clark Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Walker

August 1: Mr. and Mrs. Amon Horton, John and Sue Smith

August 2: Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dean, Mr. and Mrs. George Hogue, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lawler, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sullivan   


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