James Draper (Mug)

James Draper

“Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable.”

– from “Matilda”

by Roald Dahl

POWER fluctuations, cellular black holes, burning heat… if Netflix goes out, it’s a pretty sure sign the apocalypse is nigh.

IF you get today’s issue in time, be sure to drop by First Baptist Church of Kilgore at 4 p.m. and offer well-wishes to the latest graduates of the Son Shine Lighthouse. Well done, ladies, and Godspeed.

WE’RE pretty sure Ross Bennett has the most robust audiobook library around, and he certainly has one of the best companions with whom to enjoy the titles – when you have a chance, go give Smedley a scritch behind the ears. He’s always glad to make new friends, since dad lets visitors give the ol’ dog a milkbone.

KILGORE Historical Preservation Foundation’s Old Post Office saw a robust crowd Thursday night as the City of Kilgore’s comprehensive planners welcomed feedback about the community’s path forward. There was some interesting debate about, among other things, the appropriate number of benches downtown, and we heard some truly rigorous dialogue as locals added their voice to the conversation about Kilgore’s future.

IT was an early, but by no means the only, opportunity to contribute. More meetings are upcoming and a community survey is ‘TBD’ for October. Learn more at clients.freese.com/Kilgore.

ACROSS the street, chamber members and other guests were mingling with gusto at the business development organization’s first MixPo. Another healthy crowd, which included Brookshire’s store director of the year, Kilgore’s Joe Stephens.

SMOKE from the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest turned day into night in São Paulo, Brazil, this week. On Tuesday, the Institute for Space Research “registered a new fire roughly every minute,” the highest rates since 2013 (when such record-keeping began). More than 4.5 million acres of the oxygen-producing, carbon dioxide-reducing, human shielding, rare animal protecting forest have burned this year.

WHEN you get that 20-page Football Preview in Wednesday’s paper, thank Sports Editor Mitch Lucas for burning the midnight oil (and then some) with help from ad reps Linda Ballard and Carolyn Hadley.

THANKS, Andy Elliot, for coming to see us at the temporary HQ in Longview, emphasis on the ‘temporary.’

YES, in the midst of an argument, a ratio of 20:1 does qualify as “everybody.”

FACTS matter.


August 24: Billy White, Megan and Mallory Ford (twins), Louis Hale Jr., Bobbie Highsmith

August 25: Jean Robinson, Amanda Robinson, Cody Kirk, Gail Lopez, Jeremy Hughes, Robert W. Johnson, Carmel Lee, Lottie Jean Daniel, Kareen Colbert, Anthony Grush, Anthony Arnold, Jeremy Cox Jr., Kyle Stallard

August 26: Gwen Palmer, Philip Blake Mobley, Kim Smith, Michelle Hamilton, Laura Harris, Bruce Carl Adams, Robert Justin Farmer, Shane Longmire, Eddie Shawn, Mike McMillan, Antonio Deshon Henderson, Ashley Hope Anthony, Treston Andrew Hill, Marie Richardson, Jason Parker, Rusty Petty, Jessica Keith, Diana Ponder, Sherry Williams, Johnny Bradley, Philip Morgan, Byron Geter, Jeff Sullivan Jr., Alexus Copeland, Gary Ketchum, Anne Hale, Stayton Caroway, Joe Hardt, Coach Eddie Shawn, Connie Currier

August 27: Mikki Cunyus, Kailey Ford, Bobby Jumper, Sandra Lewis, Anne Hale, C.J. Harris, William Nelms


August 24: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hale Jr., Jean and Charles E. Avery, David and Ellen Luna

August 25: Charlie and Jo Ann Whiteside, Burt and Connie Cagle

August 26: Mr. and Mrs. James Butts III

August 27: Mr. and Mrs. George A. Heil



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