James Draper (Mug)

James Draper

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

– Laurence J. Peter

THE city’s opened the pool, the library’s kicked off its summer series and Texas Shakespeare Festival’s on the horizon. Tip of the iceberg, of course – Kilgore has a lot to offer during summer, and we’re grateful for all the people working hard behind the scenes.

OUR friends in Japan know baseball, and so we’ll borrow a bit of their battle cry on behalf of the Bulldogs:


AMONG the newly-renovated amenities of Kilgore City Pool are the LED-lit porthole lights under the waterline. Importantly, they can make the water glow a number of colors – such as blood-red, which would be perfect for a dive-in showing of “Jaws.”

GRANTED, it’s not quite family-friendly, so we welcome anybody who wants to pitch in toward renting the pool and reserving the one-off broadcast rights of one of Spielberg’s greatest hits.

KUDOS to those who can watch the brilliant, sad, beautiful and utterly terrifying Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House” with the lights out. Others of us, invested quite a bit of our utility bill in surviving the last two episodes this week.

WE recommend it – with a bit of a warning, of course.


FROM Shirley Jackson’s masterwork, “Fear is the relinquishment of logic, the willing relinquishing of reasonable patterns. We yield to it or we fight it, but we cannot meet it halfway.”

ONE of our closest readers gets tickled whenever a certain photographer’s byline gets into the paper. Yes, you’ve seen photos from NAMENAME in the past – fortunately, Lucas Strough caught the byline on deadline Tuesday.

WE’RE far from perfect, but Debbie VanDoren’s recipe for zucchini bread is pretty close.

OUR sincere thanks to all those good folks who so quickly provided us with names and notes about Saturday’s vintage Rangerette photo. So many responded, we’re still wading through the details! While we crunch the data, enjoy today’s treasure from the dusty drawers, a decades-old snapshot of (most likely) Laird Hill Louie.


June 5: Jason Brannon, Norma Pritchard, Jeff Wheeler, Rusty Bumgardner, Jason Boren, Dr. Rob Thoni, Robby Huey, Ruth Simmons, Steve Long, Cody Davidson, Esther Williams, Christopher Rieger, Nakia Brown, Ethan Easley, Shaddow Aiken, Harlee Biggs

June 6: Shelby Lane Anderson, Opal Jaquita Sharp, Mrs. C.W. Hayes, Misty Lynn Nix, Melinda Cook Langenstein, Brozeal Benson, Bobbie De Johnette, Matthew Morris, Penny White, Teresa Leigh Lucas

June 7: Todd Harrington, Chris Michel, Judy Matthews, Donnie Spradlin, Mrs. James Craine, Allen J. Mumphrey, Kourtney Cheyenne Laird, Stephanie Lawhorn, Twilla Watkins, Howard Green, Jessica Alisse Utzman, Jack Evans, Bob Risinger, Allan Stanley, Jennifer Stangl, Amanda Pierce, Brian Millucad


June 5: Jerdy and Linda Wolverton, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bradford Sr., Billy and Nita Brady

June 6: Mr. and Mrs. J.C.Bearden, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie R. Nix, Shirley and John Presley

June 7: Steve and Diane Silvertooth, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Scott Price, Mr. and Mrs.Willie D. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Travis Armstrong Sr.


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