“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

– Grouch Marx

FUN facts for your Wednesday: Kilgore City Pool has a volume of approximately 430,000 gallons and a surface area of, roughly, 14,000 square-feet. B.J. Owen keeps the stats handy.


IF you missed Saturday night’s Dive-In Movie, you’re loss, but don’t fret – the runaway success of the event has Kilgore officials excited about similar activities in the future. Sonya Waters tells us “Jaws” will likely make an appearance (for an older crowd, of course).

DO not try this at home – wise words from stunt juggler Matt Tardy who wowed the crowd in the Texan Theater Tuesday morning for another event in Kilgore Public Library’s summer series. Excellent show with a great turnout, and our friends at the library tell us they’re seeing some significant social media traffic ahead of the return of the ‘Creature Teacher’ next week.

ARRIVE early to snag a good seat.

LIKE you, we spend a measurable amount of time dreaming about what the Crim Theater could be. Dreams for later, right now Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation wants your memories of the theater. Write them out and mail them to P.O. Box 885, Kilgore, Texas 75662 or type them up and send an email to kilgoremainstreet@gmail.com.

WITH your permission, your anecdote may be featured in KHPF’s 80th birthday celebration for the theater, beginning at 3 p.m. Friday, June 21. It includes cake as well as a free showing of the first movie that played in the venue, 1939’s “Only Angels Have Wings.”

WE learned a new word this week, courtesy of Texas Shakespeare Festival’s Meaghan Simpson, who was kvelling (“to feel happy and proud,” Webster says) over pictures (adorable, indeed) of her eldest young’un, Vincent.


CERTAINLY Vincent and his (aptly-named) 8-month-old brother, William, get plenty of spotlight whenever they drop by the TSF Festival Center to visit with cast and crew.

FOR the record, if you’re going to set your cell phone ringtone to an ice cream truck song, don’t be surprised when we start following you down the street.

ADMITTEDLY, we liberated today’s excellent quote from Mayor Ronnie Spradlin.


June 12: Daren Chappell, Nell Bell, Gordon Lynn Swaim Jr., Brooke Waggoner, Londesta Howard, Marcus Shepherd, Jane Johnson, Chad Harrington, Karl Bolt, Rob Reed, Sharon Brockway, Koena Easley

June 13: Michael Morse, Jimmie Nell Johnson, Bobbie Jean Clark, Dennis Reese Jackson, Teri Graham, Deferroy Orange, Judith Leach, Frank Barr, Monica Clark, Bobbie Jackson, Jason Whittington, Robbie Hoffmeyer, Debra Alberton, Holly Hammock, Hailey Morrow, Samara Ricardson, LaMontrel Dunn, Neil Barr

June 14: Leah Gorman, Tommie Grigg, Dr. Bill Holda, Eddie Delois Scott, Glenn Bumgardner, Trent Renshaw, Mark Payne, Elizabeth Furgurson, Marcy Whittington, Lincoln Watson, Jenni Humphrey, Steve Hughes, Don Greathouse, Vicki Gossage, Ashley Brianne Baker, Cole Thompson, Ronald Hankins.


June 12: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Pate, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Matthews

June 13: Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pace, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Stokely, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tharp  

June 14: Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Pegues, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Troboy, Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Custer, Marsha and Doug Swaim Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Johns


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